Police camera catches Top Defensive prospect in action

As I quipped at the time that OU QB Baker Mayfield was arrested in Fayetteville a few months ago, I wonder if the policeman that tackled him had any eligibility left.

After seeing the video of the tackle, I’m resurrecting that question. Perfect form tackle - against a brick wall. Ouch!

(video of the tackle is at the end of this brief story).

https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/sec-f … -arkansas/

The video was taken off of the twitter link I posted in the OP; but here it is on YouTube . . .

And this one has audio . . . so you can hear the cop telling Mayfield “. . . you’re just a dumb ass who tried to run”


Man, that looked painful! Totally self-inflicted on his part though. That liquid courage definitely makes people do stupid things, I’m so glad YouTube/FaceBook, etc wasn’t around when I was that age lol.