Points to Ponder on Why HY may go a Different Direction

…than what most people are saying. Good Read.


Willie Fritz reminds me of football version of Nolan Richardson.


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Not sure I’m thrilled with Skip but that may be because I remember the little dork running around the Broyles center in 1980 :slight_smile: He might be the right guy for the job. So might Fritz.

Actually here’s my main memory of Skip. One day I was leaving the BC, had put my Sugar Bowl bag on top of my car as I was getting in, absentmindedly left it there and drove off. Of course it fell off. Skip was outside in the parking lot, saw the events, picked up the bag and returned it to me the next day. He didn’t have to do that and I appreciated it and told him so.

Fritz is a program builder, for sure, as he’s made his long journey up the ladder. The job he’s done at Tulane has been pretty remarkable, and he’s been coaching in the south or southwest his whole career. Brings some of the same re-building chops to the table as some of the others mentioned, but since he’s gone from JC, to FCS, to Sun Belt to AAC he has not gotten a lot of national notice doing it. Interesting guy.

Aloha Jeff,

We’re getting old amigo. Remember too, playing catch with Skip on the sidelines during practice.


Yep he was there a time or 20

Two good coaches - would be satisfied with either as they are proven builders.

Skip and staff have been good at finding good talent from East Texas and developing it.

59? A little long in the tooth for me.

Nick Saban turned 56 during his first season at Alabama. Twelve years later, still rocking and rolling. It’s energy, not the number on the birth certificate. I don’t know if Fritz is the man but I’m not going to dismiss him based solely on the fact he was born six months before I was.


He is the man… No doubt about it.

He’s only the man if Hunter Yurachek says he is, What you and I may think is completely irrelevant.

I would be thrilled with Willie Fritz. I have enjoyed watching his teams for years now…having NO IDEA he would ever even be mentioned for the UA job. Dude who wrote the article is right…Fritz is a ball coach and a program builder.

He certainly fits the Frank Broyles axiom I quoted a few days ago…the best indicator of future performance is past performance.

And who cares if he’s 59. If he can get this thing on track and coach 10 years…fine. We will be in much better shape to hire someone new in 10 years…if he were to succeed.

Oh…and his offensive style would be a perfect fit for our roster…combines hurry-up spread with the option and RPO passing game, KJ would flourish.