Points Per Minute

We need MUCH better defense, but we are also lacking consistent point production.

Below is a list taking the points per minute played. This obviously does not paint a full or a clear picture, but it does help discern who has scoring potential. Beside the PPM number, I multiplied by 40 minutes to give an indication of what playing a complete game might produce. Of course this is not a perfect prediction of what would happen because point production would likely drop off when guys get tired (play a lot of consecutive minutes).

Player PPM PPG (40 min)
Vanover 0.577 23.0
Jaxson 0.53 21.5
Notae 0.528 21.1
Lykes 0.48 19.5
Umude 0.40 16.1
Toney 0.39 15.7
Devo 0.37 14.9
KK 0.34 13.6
Johnson 0.30 12.0
Williams 0.24 9.8
Wade 0.23 9.3

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Interesting work thanks.

Offensive sets and production need a lot of work.

I wonder if, as you note, the defensive issues have compounded the lack of O.

Some of the players like Jaxson seem to be challenged on D almost nullifying any O production.

As Muss seems to rightly put a premium on playing D, I wonder if that is what limiting playing time by some who could contribute on O

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