Point spread

The point spread on the betting sites opened mixed with some picking Hogs and others Vandy. Now, it appears all are picking Vandy by 1 to 2.5. Is it the injury report? Did Vandy get someone back who was injured?

Vanderbilt’s best running back, Ke’Shawn Vaughn, was out last week and is expected to play. I don’t know if that’s what moved the needle or not.

Vaughn kid is very good RB and will be a challenge for us and Vandy has played better than we have so far so I’m not surprised they are the favorite

It’s just about a pick em game. And, the home team usually gets 2 to 3 points. So that suggests that Vandy is a clear favorite in most eyes. But being a favorite and a big favorite are two different things.

The point spread from Vegas has nothing to do with who is best etc. but it is an attempt to get half of the bettors on each team so the house makes max profit.

That may well be, but it is remarkable how accurate the Vegas point spreads are.

Not really. for every game that is close to the line, there is one that is off by a mile. More accurate in the NFL than college.

Yup…130 teams vs 32 do make a difference…they will take a lot more action on a NFL game than a college game.

For instance, the line tonight had VT favored by about 3, and they lost by 21. That is not very accurate.