Point of clarification on Lunney

So I’m not accused of trying to build up a potential candidate, I’ll preface that this is only to clarify some misinformation on his past that has been posted in so many threads that it would take awhile to reply to them all.

Lunney has been a college offensive coordinator. He was co-offensive coordinator under Fitz Hill at San Jose State for two seasons in 2003 and 2004. Those were his final college seasons until he came back to the Razorbacks under Bret Bielema.

That is all.

That worked really well.

He laid the ground work for the team thst beat us 15 years later. LOL.

I am guessing he runs a spread offense?

Matt, come on man…Barry went 0- 2 and the team looked no better. What do yall not understand that he isn’t the answer. Tell me what kind of staff can he put together. Where are his connections? If Barry Lunney wasn’t from Arkansas yall wouldn’t mention his name.

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How can everyone think if we don’t make a home run hire this program can’t be turned around, yet complain about Lunney after coaching two games. I’m not for or against Lunney but I darn sure not holding 2 losses against him as interim coach. WPS

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Hire Barry Lunney and see what you get.

You get Matt Luke 2.0

Complete and utter joke and an admission by the administration they are giving the Hell up.

Guys, I actually like Barry Lunney. I believe he does a helluva job in his role, but this program is 8 - 28 over the course of 3 years and is in worst shape in the history of Arkansas football. You CANNOT hire Barry Lunney with the program in it’s current state. I don’t understand why you don’t go all in on a PROVEN coach like Kiffen, Norvel or Leach…This is completely idiotic to me.

Not sure we could afford them. I believe money may have ended up being the deciding factor,

Well, if money was gonna be an issue you probably should’ve kept Morris. You can’t go into a coaching hire in 2019 penny pitching.

I don’t disagree about pinching pennies during a coaching hire

Could Barry get an interview for a head coaching position at any other Power 5 school?

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A HC position ? Hell no and neither could Pittman.

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Please show me where I said anything about him being the head coach. This is about clearing up a misconception about him. Nothing more. Your response is the exact reason there is a preface to mine.

He’s a thought. What sense does it make when you are constantly building and upgrading facilities yet leave no money to upgrade the staff? That’s what we got on campus. Brand new facilities, mediocre football staff.

At least Matt Luke got more than 2 games before judgement was passed. Let’s hire the next coach for two games and offer a extension if he wins one, sounds ridiculous doesn’t it. WPS

Oh, he was an OC on a terrible team 15/16 years ago that resulted in the staff getting fired…Ok, thanks

Yes - our brain surgeons have built a palace and hired subpar coaches responsible for putting the product together to try and fill said palace.


Many if not most Ole Miss fans passed judgement on day one and they were right. It was an ill conceived, short sighted disaster of a move.