Point guard

If I was the coach and I thought that I just had to have a conventional type point guard with the players that we have I would put the ball in Macon’s hand and tell him to play like a pg and don’t worry about scoring. Kid had 8 assists tonight and it looked like he had a bad game. He could play the typical point that a lot call for.

I think it is more of his natural position and definitely our biggest need. The ability to create offense for others is what this team seems to lack.

that is a brilliant point labb. I like it.

We don’t have a true point guard that can break down a defense. They lack the speed and quickness. I believe we have a group of 2’s. They all can score we have seen that but they have issues creating and making decisions!
What would this team look like with a true point guard?
Next year the inexperience may be an issue but we will have some players that can create at the guard position. The future is bright!
The offense is best with only 2 of the guards on the floor. Splitting Macon and Bardford makes sense. We need Dustin Thomas and Cook to step up and pitch in.
Hall will have some ups and downs but he gives the effort and movement to create space on the floor. I’d like to see Hall feed the post to Gafford. In my opinion the sucess these 2 freshmen have is just as important as the play of the seniors.

I also like Hall’s defense.

Hall plays with energy and is a spark plug! He may make a mistake but he gives the effort. That’s all you can ask.

100% agree.

What we really need is that effort Hall gives on defense by everyone else! It’s been years since we had a real point guard that could stay in front of our opponents guards. Kareem Reed was probably the last one. Beck had heart so did Clint McDaniel. Man those teams had range and could stop anyone. I almost forget about the long range boomer Al Dillard! He was in range from the parking lot!
No one needs to compare this group to our old Hogs.

I hate saying wait until next year, but honestly:

Sills, Joe, Harris, Embery, Phillips, and Garland. Can all handle the ball, create for themselves, and create for others. This year we have three. Hall and CJ will improve. Once CJ can create for himself, he will be dangerous.

Sills is already drawing comparisons to Beck. Phillips is 6’7 and can play the 1-4. Him guarding or switching shouldn’t be the issue it is now with Cook and Thomas (or Trey). Desi is a stud defender, and I’ve already mentioned Hall’s defense above.

So, our ball handling improves, shooting improves (Joe may be a better shooter than CJ when CJ is on), and defense should improve.

Chaney is an upgrade over Thomas, Cook, Bailey, and Gabe. Now, Bailey and Gabe will also improve. Plus, Dan coming back will be better than he is now, and an improvement at the 5.

Now, notice I didn’t mention Henderson, and he is a Top 100 guy on almost all the services. He’s also the guy I hear the least about.

We will lose most of our leadership, but I think talent wise we will be vastly improved.

Will there be a 4 that can make a 14 ft jumper? The clogging of the middle with Gafford will get more intense as the year goes on as we don’t have any one to hit that shot. Thomas is our best option but he hesitates to take it.

If you’re talking about this year, Thomas, if you’re talking about next year Phillips. I don’t know Chaney’s (who has been compared to Corliss, not as good but plays the game the same) or Henderson’s range. That’s a question, Razor, Dudley, or Richard should be able to answer. The’ve seen them much, much more than we have, and they’ve more than likely seen them live. Video doesn’t always show you the whole story

Bailey seems to be shooting that jumper without hesitation. I expect him to be reliable midrange shooter by junior year. I also expect Hall and perhaps Jordan Phillips to play a lot of 4 next year.