Point Guard and other thoughts from Friday notes game.

It is amazing to me how these small schools always have a point guard that is so much quicker than ours. SW Bapist’s point drove past our guys all night. He blew past everybody. I miss the days when he has a point guard that gave the other team fits both offensively and defensively.

Gafford can run the floor with anybody. However other than one short jumper on the baseline, most of his points were put backs. I didn’t see any moves and he was playing against some guys who were definitely not SEC caliber. His free throw shooting is disappointing. I suspect he will get fouled a lot and he needs to hit those. Also I think when he plays against better big men he will get into foul trouble.

The freshman guards are going to be good and I think Reggie Chandler is a good looking power forward. Gabe O can still take a charge. But I doubt if he or A Bailey would start for any other team in the conference.

I bitch about this every year, but why do our guys leap for the skies at every head fake. Oh well. We are young