Poetic justice

Well I’ve stated that I think parity is a good thing. I’m not worried about competing with BAMA or TAM. I’m more worried about their being 2 classes and we aren’t in the right one. I’d rather there be one class, the SEC, where any team could potentially win a NC. I also think parity prevents Sanky from picking a favorite for the refs to help. I understand the pull Saban has but that’s because he’s on top with no parity. The more parity the less power he has. Sanky can fight off an SEC team each year to protect BAMA but he can’t fight them all. Parity helps that cause. TAM winning after LSU means Sanky doesn’t have to just support BAMA. It changes the dynamic. He just wants the SEC to win it every year but right now he believes that’s only one team. When he sees multiple teams fighting for it then he’ll have to change his tune. When he does I think recruits will change theirs as well.

Good arguments by both. I just don’t want Notre Dame to win. I guess I am tired of someone else in West winning. I actually wanted LSU to win last year, but now I regret it. Mark me down as befuddled.

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I realized recently that I am no long all about the “SEC.” It happened first in basketball, but now in football. I really dislike a lot of SEC teams and I will no longer root for a SEC team against a non-SEC team automatically.

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I agree completely. I have had this conversation with my brother and dad. They want the SEC to win every game against any outside conference. For me, LSU (all sports), Ole Miss (all sports), Auburn (all sports), and Kentucky (basketball)…… in that order… are teams that I want to lose, no mater the competition.

When they play each other, I sometimes can’t even watch, but it’s always LSU > Ole Miss > Auburn as to which team I want to lose.

As I’ve said to my family many times…… “I always wanted Texas to lose every game, why is it odd that I now feel that way about LSU?”

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Interestingly I have come to this same feeling. I think I’m just tired of certain SEC teams getting all the love, not matter who they play, for really no real reason, other than to maybe support the cause, SEC is the best. Right now BAMA is the best and the rest are benefiting against the rest of the nation for no real reason. The SEC did everything they could to stand behind the mighty AU, who cheated their way into a victory over us, cheated their way to another victory, and then ultimately fired their coach, because it’s own PTB knows they SUCK! That’s why I’m starting to really dislike the SEC. The foucha pose penalty when i had to watch Gators crawl over over the ground after getting a sack and not getting flagged didn’t really help change my mind either. But karma got them too, or the shoe. Just a bunch of stupid nonsense and I really like the way Coastal Carolina plays in its 4th year. Done with the rant.

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Auburn was at the top for me recently, but that changed yesterday. Now the order is LSU, BAMA, TAM, OM for football. KY, KY, KY, AU for basketball. I’d include LSU but they just won’t ever be good enough to warrant my support for losing.

oh, i think they’re consistent. i can predict every call.

I have really never been a Conference Homer (despite being a 2 Conference Alumni), except for a few comments I used to make when the ACC was getting bashed about being dreadfully weak in Football. Clemson’s resurgence and the ACC winning the Bowl Challenge Cup in 2016-17 has mostly driven the urge to respond to those types of comments out of me.

I am more of an SEC guy than ACC guy, though I just don’t pull for anyone based on Conference affiliation.

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