Poetic justice

Watching LSU versus Florida and was rooting for Florida since it would be better for the conference and LSU is a corrupt program, but have to love seeing the stupid play costing Florida. Hopefully kids will learn in a team sport, ones lack of control impacts more than them.


Did you see Elam for Florida strike the same pose Foucha made and didn’t get an unsportsmanlike penalty for that?

I wanted Florida to win because I despise A&M and now they’ll make the playoffs if Florida beats Bama

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I saw it general…and shook my head. The inconsistency of calls in the SEC is just plain pitiful.


Really wanted to see LSU lose, but Florida got what it deserved. What an incredibly bone headed play by that DB! And, that followed the “swim on the turf” move by their defensive lineman the play before.

And, yes, I was thinking the same thing about the pose Elam made.

Having teams other than Bama excel in the SEC is a good thing, no matter the team. If LSU and then AM could win back to back championships that may be the end of the Bama dynasty and open the doors to a lot more parity.

It was much worse. A lot longer. Further out on the field. And, much more of an actual taunt.

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I also thought the LSU DB should have gotten a penalty when he stopped and backed into the endzone on the pick six.

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As bad as LSU played this year, they went over to Florida and whipped them. Arkansas could have never done that. We have a long way to go before we can play with the top teams in our conference, unfortunately.

Coach Pittman and his staff have done a good job this year with the talent they had. We have to somehow improve our recruiting if we are going to get the football program to a level most of us deem acceptable.

That maybe true, but I lived among Aggies for a few years and they are annoying like no other. The teams in the SEC that I despise are all west of the Mississippi and I’ve either lived among their fanbase or have family in their fanbase. For 5 years, I’ve had to listen to friends and family rub their wins in my face. But Aggies are annoying because they’ve won nothing yet think their God’s gift to all things sports.


So you’re more worried about the fans than how it may help our team?

No, just my personal bias.

Hmm, that sounds like the Reb-necks. And BTW, I lived in Oklahoma for years. Aggies are no more annoying than gooners. Of course, at least mobilehoma has won.

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Well putting your bias aside what do you think is better for Arkansas, Bama winning the championship or TAM?


Weak effort

It’s so pathetic, they should get penalized in some way, when it’s Very obvious the call wasn’t made. I so wish the media could ask the refs questions on calls and no calls.

Don’t like Mullins at all. Lsu corrupt. Glad florida lost

West is the best.

Mullen still tried to lead his case for the playoffs if he beats Bama next week. (Which I highly doubt). But he was digging at teams that only played 5-6 games but may get in playoff spot. (Ohio St of course but he didn’t mention names)

Trask did not play his best and really missed Pitts. And it was also another reminder of what having talent does for a kicking game. LSU’s kicker/punter are both good.

Kicking game is SO important. It is where depth shows up and defensive talent shows up.

Camarda (Georgia) and Von Rosenberg (LSU) had huge effect in Arkansas game, as did Mevis in Missouri game.

I don’t follow how it helps Arkansas if a team other than Alabama wins the title? Especially if that team is more of a direct opponent in recruiting. We compete more with LSU and A&M for recruits than we do Alabama, primarily because of geography and secondarily because… well, we just aren’t in their class and elite recruits know that.

So, when Alabama wins the NC, not sure how that hurts us.

When LSU won it last year, it made it tougher on us regionally to convince a recruit to choose us over the Tigers. Same would happen if A&M were to even make the playoff. (As far as regional recruiting goes, it also helps us if Oklahoma isn’t in the playoff).

As long as Saban is at Alabama, they will remain elite. Rarely out of the top 4 in the country. Even in a “down” year like last year they are still one of the best teams. Just seems like the consistency of their elite status keeps everyone else potentially closer to the same level.

Just my thoughts… I’d be interested if you’d elaborate more on your point.