Plus or minus

Hogs were plus 28 when Anthony Black was on floor. I did not think he finished on a couple of shots. But he is so good in all areas.

They were plus 25 with Devo. He was too much for anyone UNCA had on the floor. He played within himself and was terrific.


It seems Devo’s confidence is now at a high level. He is helped knowing he doesn’t have to be the lead point guard.


Bingo. I would bet Devo is having as much fun playing basketball as he ever has.

And, Clay, I don’t know if you listen to Coach Richardson on Wednesday nights with Rick and Randy, but Coach loves AB. He said he would not be surprised if he has MULTILPE triple doubles this season.


Anthony Black is great. He may be the best player on the team. He seems to be really unselfish, isn’t outwardly dramatic and seems to have a real competitive edge. We are really lucky to have him.


One of my 13 year old grandsons could be a twin on Anthony (looking at his face). My grandson plays AAU basketball and travel baseball. He came into this world competitive (like Black). We spent some time around Kareem Reid at an AAU event a few years ago and Hayden (my grandson) ran over to Kareem (as we were leaving). Mr. Reid, you’ll see me in a Razorback uniform some day. Kareem looked at us and said “I like this kid”.
Love me some Anthony Black. He’s a winner.


I thought Pinion played well. He semed to be more athletic than I thought. The dunks showed a little hop!


Fun to watch; seems extremely poised and under control…only 12 games in as a frosh.

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He’s fine, athletically. He’s tall, has long arms, can jump some, moved OK. I laughed out loud when the announcer acted like it was a miracle when he dunked.

Typical stuff. He’s a better athlete than 1 of the higher (than him) ranked guys in his class. And if you watched that game you saw examples of both.

But, for whatever reason, Pinion’s dunks were shocking to the announcer.

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He’s going to be a good one. Kind of like Devo, in that he will probably be around 3 or 4 years. I was hoping to see more of Barry Dunning.

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