Please vote HERE on whether us playing ASU is a good idea ------------

------------------- Richard has a poll going on Twitter and I have to wonder how many Hog-haters and ASU trolls are voting on his Twitter poll.

I think a poll where most (I know of one ASU troll for sure) are paying Hog fans will be a true reflection of how Hog fans feel.

This Hog fan votes No.

Here is a link to his tweet. I know that it just looks like there is nothing, but if you click on the parentheses you will be taken to his tweet.

Wouldn’t we need a poll on what the definition of “is a good idea” is?

Not a good idea.

What’s a “good idea”?

it looks like it’s defined as playing asu.

Hard to believe that 70% of UA fans want this. I got to think a lot of ASWho fans are high jacking the poll, but, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I am in the minority on this.

Still doesn’t make it a good idea.

It’s a great idea. Why should we be afraid of Arizona State?


Not afraid of any of the ASU’s, for the record (and yes I got your joke, it was a good one)

I don’t think it is a good idea for UA to play Oklahoma. I also want the UA to play Oklahoma because I want to see that game

I’ve seen the UA play Oklahoma 3 times. One was a very enjoyable experience. One was awful. The other one was just about as bad.

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Would like to know who is actually voting, Arkansas or ASU fans. I find it hard to believe that 70% of UofA fans are for playing ASU, especially after reading the comments on this board. Doubtful many Arkansas fans, outside this board, would take notice or bother to vote while ASU fans would vote “yes”.

I have no fear or problem with my Hogs playing ASU, UCA, UAPB in a three year rotation at Razorback Stadium instead of Coastal Carolina, ULM, Troy, Colorado State, San Jose State or New Mexico State At Home or in Little Rock.
However, let be clear only one per year and all games in Fayetteville.

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That’s my plan B. If we must do it, do that way. And don’t pay them much. If they’re saving a bunch of money for playing in state & badly want to play us, we need to make the most money from the proposition. (And if keeping the money in state is the goal. Let’s pay them nothing. All the money will not only stay in state, it’ll stay at the UA.)

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Actually, 72% of fans are voting NO.

I don’t like anything about it. But I think it’s coming whether I like it or not.

no…and most of that 70% is -ally -all who keeps hitting the yes button…

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I’m not sure _ally _all is that tech savvy.

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I’m sure _ally has his tech mafia for that.

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