Please tell me this year is program rock bottom

And then it gets better.

Putting all hope in real consistent recruiting.

I look at some of our young guys and gives a little hope. Bumper and several young guys need go to the weight room and not come back until August.

So hopeful for big time roster flip and some juco pick ups at spots like LB so we have a chance to improve next year.

Still have hope but please tell me the suffering this year is program rock bottom.

The potential for a 10 loss season is right around the corner. That would be rock bottom. I pray that we don’t lose that many next year.

I can’t tell you that at this point. There is a chance to win one more non-conf game next year.

we have such a long long way to go…its just sad to see how bad we are… easily the worse team in the league.I think we are 2-3 yrs away to be many holes to fill its unreal.

Feels that way to me as well. Hopeful for immediate juco help

It’s not. We are a long way off and trending down. Really need Bryant but he’s making the rounds to a lot of business decisionn schools. Hard to beat AU when they want someone (even though Gus doesn’t develop QBs). They almost always get their guy. Rumors are that they may run Stidham off and we would end up here. That would be an upgrade from our current but not much.

Stidham probably goes pro. He is an NFL level QB

I doubt it. I’ve actully watched many of their games and he has been below average. Consistently misses open receivers. Bails out of the pocket quickly. Mainly has success on screen and dump downs. Can’t imagine him having more than a late draft round projection. There’s a reason they’re trying to run off a guy who has been in their program 3 years and played a lot of football in favor of their standard talented, rent a QB.

Yes. I do believe today was rock bottom although I thought earlier it was North Texas, but then they started being competitive.

This program has won six of its last 25 games.

It has won two games or less 12 times, but never lost 10 because they use to play 10 games or less a lot of those times