Please Talk Me Off the Ledge

I am trying to figure out what to base any hope for success next season.
Gafford will be gone. So we have no center.
Power forward is a void thanks to the lack of development of Chaney. The other two are not SEC caliber.
After the first ten games or so when Harris was playing point guard the way it needs to be played, there was a significant drop off at that position and it never really came back. Look at Harris’ line in the tourney loss as a good example. He may not be the answer so we have to hope Sills can be the answer. Is there anyone else that can handle the point like it should be?
With Gafford there and Joe on the wing Harris should have lead the country in assists. He did not and Gafford’s game at times suffered because of it.
We saw last year the offensive line totally derail our offense so that we had no idea how good our QBs were. The lack of a true point guard continues to be a real issue for CMA moving forward. He has yet to solve it.
That leaves us with two, maybe three shooting guards and little else.
Now I do not consider myself a basketball expert, but I have seen what successful Arkansas teams have looked like. So I am hoping someone can tell me why we are not going to be far worse next year when we do not have Gafford?

Looks like reality has set in for you. The only hope for next season is what happens in recruiting spring signing period. We are toast next year especially if any of the FEW that actually played this year leave unexpectedly. Jones and Chaney are two rumored to be considering it. Of course some also include Embrey Simpson in the rumors. Mike is pretty much done unless he can pull a rabbit out of hat or by some miracle Daniel decided to come back. Nolan and Mike always showed well with their backs against the wall…we will see. The problems isn’t so much coaching really, it’s lack of talent. He doesn’t pay for play…sad but that’s why we are here. Shoulda quietly sent Reggie Perry momma some money.

There’s always hope if you have shooters!
Never simply cheat. I’m proud the hogs are in the scandal. You should be too!
It would bother me to see a 4 guard lineup next year. Gafford isn’t gone yet.

I agree and one of the top shooting guards in this region is from LR and we didn’t sniff him until too late and then blew the visit with poor memory from either Mike or Melvin…called McBride by wrong name. Now he will go play for Bill Self at a real basketball school.