Please take down the J Nance article

Nuff said

Make an article about the lack of spine on this football team.

Getting on twitter will make you sick right now. (If you’re any type of competitor)

Seeing our players react to Nance and his decision is all the proof you need to see what’s wrong with this team.

They have no pride, no passion. It’s all love bro, slime, blah blah

What a joke, former player recruits against you and goes to a rival and it’s all love?

Needs to be all hit the door

Why? It’s true; it’s news. Nobody has to like it, but it is what it is.

I said Please

I think it’s ok to wish a former teammate the best in his new endeavors but when he comes across the middle to catch a pass next year you take his head off and say good to see you again.


Although I will say Rakeem Boyd tweeted “Lets work with what we got period #wps
Ryan Pulley, De’Jon Harris, Devwah Whaley and Dorian Gerald all agreed and reacted positively to the Tweet.

That was encouraging

This is just a veiled look at the **** you attitude coming this off season. A former teammate running his mouth then to a rival school isn’t something that will go over well with most. Players will be aiming for him by the time Missouri comes around. I mean, honestly, you want momentum going into the offseason this helps. There’s more than enough testosterone in that locker room for this fiasco to get players pissed off and ready to work.

Reporting the news does not consist of just reporting the positive stuff.

Agreed but a local Florida radio host said if he died “he’d have Arkansas as a pall bearer because all they get is sad news”. Can we get a positive turn?

Only if we stay together and hand on to that rope!