Please resolve a disagreement

A couple of recruiting websites list Derrick Munson of Metairie Archbishop Rummel as an outside linebacker. I read two stories that claimed Munson would play linebacker at Arkansas.

Then I found a recent article from a Baton Rouge newspaper, discussing the end of Rummel’s season.

In this latest piece, the reporter quoted the Rummel football coach as saying Munson would play safety in college.

Do you know which position Munson is going to play at Arkansas? Thanks.

He’s told me safety several times. That’s why we have him listed as a safety.

Much appreciated. He looks like a safety.

Arkansas coaches have told me that he could be either and a lot will depend on who else is here and who else produces.

There was some talk about him being the Joker as Ramsey was this year

Does he have legit SEC safety speed?

Maybe a Ross Rasner/Jerico Nelson hybrid OLB/SS?

Does he have legit SEC safety speed?
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Yes, I believe he does. Arkansas loves this kid. … 2e243d9801

I’d put my money on LB, much like Greenlaw, who was listed at safety coming out of high school. By the time he puts on another 15-20 pounds, and particularly if we go to a 3-4 alignment, LB seems to be a much better fit.