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Like everyone else, I am a bit disappointed how the regular season has gone. If we hold true to from, we probably win a close opening round game and lose the second. Not the season we all hoped. Just like most of you, I feel we were sold a bill of goods that didn’t pan out. Injuries to our top two scoring options hurt us badly. The rest of the team never really seemed to gel. Muss has admitted he made mistakes in recruiting. I believe he will rectify those mistakes in the offseason. But please just remember where we were just a few years ago. That 15 year period where making the Tournament was the exception and not the rule. After Pelfrey, Coach Anderson had a huge mess to clean up. He did that and brought us back to respectability. But he couldn’t get us to the next level. So now we have Muss. I truly believe he will wil a National Title here before his tenure is over. So please remember where we came from. I believe the best is still ahead of us.


It will be with a new team. This one is mostly gone.


That should give us an opportunity to get an inside presence and some 3p and ft shooters.

Any word on hold overs Clay. I think Pinion, Ford, and Dunning deserve at least one more year to show they can improve.

I think decisions are made based on what’s available. I do not know.

Yes. There will be lots of new faces next season. But keeping a few guys with experience wouldn’t hurt. Even if they are in supporting roles.

This years Hogs lack experience! That’s really the bottom line. Devo has been asked to do more than he’s capable of on a routine basis. The lack of pure shooters is like the plague. They can’t even make free throws.
Who comes back isn’t the issue! I would like to see Walsh come return after him down it really matter.
Needs a fast reliable point guard and a big down low that can score!

That is the real problem with college basketball. No players are staying for 3-4 years trying to get an education. It is free agency , so to speak. This is a very difficult environment in which to build a college team. Hired guns coming from all over the country filling in the roster after we sign 3 or 3 pro prospects. The next year is primarily a new team with different players. College basketball is not the same game anymore.

I used to live and die by the games when Coach Sutton had the Triplets, as Al McGuire named them. Then we had Coach Richardson reach the pinnacle with his colorful personality and a National Championship with all his great teams and players. Now, the players don’t stay long enough to have a great player-fan relationship. It is just not as good.

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I’m struggling with this a little bit. I would love to see this group as sophomores and juniors but it won’t happen. It makes the championships all the better when you see them grow. Just a tough reality I’ll have to adjust to.

Indeed. Walsh would be well served coming back one more season. To work on his offensive game and fine tune his defense. He could very well develop into a shut down defended next season. His tenacity on defense is good.

“Now, the players don’t stay long enough to have a great player-fan relationship. It is just not as good.”

I find this so true. I can remember lots of players an plays and games over the years. Followed Sidney and Marvin and Oliver for years. Watched them grow up.

Now I have a hard time remembering when and how long a guy may have played here. How long was Barford here? One year? Two?

OTOH, maybe there is one good side effect. I’ve been trying the be more Zen about the losses and quit letting the outcomes of games affect me and my life and marriage so much. I think that is happening. For better or worse.

We are an incomplete team that has had a lot of bad luck. Nobody on this team has proven they can be the guy to take over a game and will them to win, ala Mason. Nick might have been the one to do that had he not been hurt and out so much. I don’t think AB or Walsh have the confidence to take on that roll yet. We are the team that Texas whipped into submission.

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And the winner is Jhawg!! You nailed it! It is what it is, however. I wish the NBA would adapt the college baseball requirements. But, it won’t happen. So we will continue to put out semi-partially educated young men who dream of making in the big league and the college game will continue to suffer.

Said this in another thread. Bummer had a better team and probably more talented Freshmen than ours. But I wouldn’t trade any of our guys for any of theirs. Let them recruit the punks, thugs, and criminals. Our guys have class, dignity, and respect. Those attributes are worth more money than Bummers guys will ever earn.

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I would think that Devo, Pinion, Ford, Dunning, Walsh and TB will all be back. if TB doesn’t come back I’ll be stunned.

Maybe Ricky. But I doubt it. He probably turns pro regardless of his NBA draft position.

Thea’s a good nucleus to build upon. If they all return.

Yep that is exactly the problem with college basketball you don’t get to actually build a team you just have to very quickly throw it all out there shake it around and hope it comes out the way you want it to.That’s very hard to do when you’re bringing in freshman and people from other places who were probably in a totally different type system and different style of coaching…

I posted about a week or two ago that I thought the one and done should be gone but my phone hasn’t rung so I doubt very seriously that’s going to happen… I think it needs to be like baseball and football where when you step foot on campus you’re here for 3 years unless you can leave after your sophomore year and you’re 21.


If I am Ford or Dunning, I am not trusting Muss that I will get a chance next year, no matter what muss says. I would just watch who he gets off the portal and make a decision. One year riding the pine is enough. I have only three years left.

That will be a big mistake for Ford and Dunning.

And that in a nutshell is why you have to reload every year… I’m not playing so I move.

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