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Yep, BBcode is supported.

Shoot, I was hoping for HTML. Oh well.

Y’all are speaking foreign languages here. BBcode?? Bret Bielema language? HTML? Hit the middle linebacker?

I’m so lost.

BBcode is the formatting that you see in brackets when you compose a post. The following is an example of BBcode:
<strong>This statement uses bold.</strong>
The result is:
This statement uses bold.

Does someone actually think this is an improvement? Every time you guy “improve something” it becomes worse. I think you really need to get information from those that actually pay your salaries and that is the readers before you do stuff like this. It makes me crazy.
I don’t even know how to start a post to tell you how much I hate your drop down ads on your regular page. You have done a lot of irritating things but nothing more that this. If I want to look at an ad I will click on it. Forcing me to deal with it every time my cursor happens to pass over it makes visiting your site a pain. I am not sure that is what you are going for. Get rid of this ASAP or I might go elsewhere for my Hog news.
And since this has become a bitch session today’s 42 seconds of sites and sounds of practice is petty darn minimal don’t you think.