PLEASE READ: Our message board is changing


Tomorrow night we will make a switch to a new message board platform that will alter the look of our forums. This is a change that must be made, as the platform that we have used the past three years is no longer providing the technical support we need. This is leading or will lead to a number of problems, including some authentication issues with your login or outages like the one we experienced last Thursday.

The new platform is called Discourse. Our IT folks have been working hard on getting the site ready for the changeover. Testing has gone well. We anticipate that once the change is made you will simply have to login again with the same email address and password. Past posts should be preserved. Usernames will remain the same with one slight difference: if you have a two-word username (i.e. Matt Jones) it will be modified to one word (i.e. MattJones). Underscores and other characters are allowed in the usernames, just not spaces.

This change will occur Wednesday at around 10 p.m. While the change is being initiated the board will be unavailable for around an hour. Once it comes back online it will have a new look. We have done our best to make the layout of the board feel as familiar as possible.

Those of you who have been on message boards for years probably will be able to acclimate to the new look quickly. We will provide some video tutorials Thursday once the new board is in place.

I understand change is hard sometimes, but it is necessary with so many emerging technologies on the Internet. I appreciate all of your patience as we make this change, which is being done now to avoid unnecessary interruption once football season begins.

We anticipate this will be a smooth transition, but please keep our customer service information on hand should you need it. The phone number is 1-800-757-6277 and the email is

No problem.

Will the forum threads still be there, or will they be lost?

The forum threads will still be there, although images will not.

Will the 4 separate insider forums/boards remain?

It is the software behind the scenes that is changing. As some have noted, the current version is very unstable. There are no plans to change the available boards, just the way they are processed.

When I spoke with Matt, he wasn’t sure if the posting would be identical (use of BB codes, etc.), but that it would be much more stable. I’m sure that there will be a learning curve, and thus I will change the F.A.Q. thread to explain how to use various functions as I figure them out.

Thanks Marty and Matt!