Please Pray for Coach Booth

Former Arkansas Track & Field assistant coach Dick Booth was injured badly in a snow mobile accident today. His wife, who was riding on the back, was killed. Please pray for him and the family. I do not know any of the specifics other than what’s above.

Gosh, that’s awful.

Nate Allen’s column in tomorrow’s newspaper is about the accident. Dick Booth broke his arm in multiple places and is in a hospital near Vail, where the accident occurred.


Keep me informed. I will be working in Vail Sat. and may be there before then (Thur).

You know how to reach me.

Terrible accident with a tragic loss.
Prayers for his recovery in all facets of his life.

Terrible terrible news
Prayers for the Booth Family

Here is Nate’s column: … ly-201702/

Horrible. Prayers for the Booth family.

Mark 10:27, God Bless.

Coach Booth reached out to me last week about my duck hunting trip. He’d seen pictures on Facebook. I will never get on a snow mobile after hearing of this accident. This is just a terrible tragedy. Dick Booth always reached out to me, just to see how I was doing through the years. Tough to hear about these type of deals, to such good people.

Last time I talked to Dick was when the NCAA Indoor was at Tyson a few years back, not last year but the time before that. Still remembered me, which was nice, and we had a nice chat. He is a high class guy, even if he has been tainted by working for the Ocean Scum (which also applies to Butch). I wish he’d been promoted here when John retired, but I guess Bucknam has turned out OK.

Speaking of snowmobiles, on my trip to Vail two years ago (skiing under Jim’s instruction), the ski patrol put me on a snowmobile to get me to a lift to get down the mountain when it became obvious I couldn’t get myself down without multiple injuries. Which gives me a “yeesh” thinking about it now.