Please no NIT...Gafford would have no reason

to play in it either. He needs to go get ready for the draft. I hate that we didn’t have more around him this year. He’s probably a once in every 20 year player for Arkansas.

I disagree. I think several more practices and games would be beneficial for the young players.

I agree but if Gafford knows he isn’t coming back then I think he should sit the NIT out

We are not in a position with such a young team to be turning down games. If Gafford doesn’t want to play in the NIT that’s on him, but guys like Joe, Chaney, Sills, Jones, Embery etc., these guys need all the experience they can get. LSU and Mississippi State both benefited greatly from the NIT last year, you get experience against quality teams, that’s better than guys just going to the weight room and playing pick-up games.

Blu, the players and the coaches didn’t show up for the Florida game! That was an important game. How or why would they ever be motivated on the road in the N.I.T? Just asking.

The NIT is an irrelevant tournament. It was okay when the NCAA field was 24 teams, but if you can’t make the top 66, you need to stay home and study to learn and try to make some grades in order to progress towards graduation. Our season is over…it was a dud, and it is over. If we won the NIT nobody would know it and nobody would care.

I would bet not 1% of the USA population knows who won last year’s NIT. I don’t know. Does anybody on this board know without googling the answer…be honest…

I agree. This team doesn’t deserve to play another game this year… I have no idea how you can recruit players today that can not shot the basketball. This is all on Mike and his staff. This program is a disgrace and if we don’t push some of these players to transfer Mike better have a very strong class coming in next month.

No one needs to worry about the NIT. The hogs won’t get invited. Also they don’t deserve it! They may be young but they have failed to play consistent all year long.
Especially on defense.
They will be better next year!
Recruit some players!

You people hate Mike so much you get stupid. Football players turn down bowls. This ain’t football. Basketball players don’t shut it down unless they’re already injured. If we don’t get an NIT bid, which we will, they’ll be playing pickup games by the end of the week.

So what if nobody knows who won the NIT? Nobody outside Arkansas and Tennessee knows who won the Arkansas-Vanderbilt game last week. Doesn’t mean you don’t play in it.

This team has players that can’t shoot the ball. Why would we want to see them in the NIT. I think half of these players should look to transfer. We need shooters on this team not brick layers. I am sorry, but I love the Razorbacks but watching this team this year has been very sad.

That’s your opinion on wanting to see them in the NIT. Nobody that actually cares about the future can put together a legitimate argument on why they shouldn’t play in the NIT… It’s more practices, more games, and you get more experience. We’re the 2nd youngest team in D1 basketball, we had several games lost this year by 1 possession, you clean stuff like that up by practice and experience and the NIT gives you that. As I told the other poster LSU and Mississippi State benefited from the NIT last year and it propelled them to having good seasons this year (that along with buying some players :smiley: ).

I don’t see how anybody wouldn’t want to see more of Isiah Joe, you’re not a real basketball fan if you don’t enjoy watching him shoot the ball, it’s a thing of beauty, he’s already broken records. I want to see him get more games under his belt for next year, I want to see Mason get more games and show consistency, and I want to see Desi Sills continue to develop, he’s played well as a starter. Now, if some of you guys don’t want to see that, don’t watch. But don’t try to make an argument that the NIT is not beneficial because you can see teams in the NCAA field right now that were NIT last year and it helped them out.

So I guess your calling me stupid and saying I hate Anderson??? Come on man seriously. I like CMA but that has nothing to do with playing in the NIT. Why in the world would Gafford play in the NIT??? The ncaa tourney yes but the NIT. Play in a NIT game and get hurt, lose millions…nah

What does playing pick up games have to do with anything? I would say have a players only meeting and tell the role players they need to know their role before playing any pick up…but who cares if the dudes that can’t shoot or dribble shoot and dribble all the time.

Show me once where any college player (not the school, a player) refused to play in a basketball game because he was afraid he’d get hurt. Show me. I’m waiting. NBA is another issue

So we have been practicing since September and all of sudden if we get to practice for the NIT we will get better? I’m not buying it.

Second I love my hogs but I hate watching them lose. IMO…I say go home and regroup. Get beat in the first round of the NIT and then what?

By the way Penn State won the NIT last year. They are 14-17 overall and 7-13 in the conference this year. Didn’t seem to help them much.

Who did I say did it before??? I said Gafford would have no good reason to play. Period! If I’m his parent I’m telling him hire an agent and a NBA trainer and get going. If you call me stupid for having my opinion so be it but its a little childish if you ask me.

That if Arkansas is invited to play in the NIT, it will accept the bid and Daniel will play

Each extra basketball game’s money can be used to fund the so-called minor sports

I think y’all let your personal feelings push away the business decision that a school makes

LSU and Miss State benefited from buying players not the NIT

You gave 1 example of a team it didn’t benefit, I gave you 2 examples of teams in our very own conference that it did benefit. And you know each team is going to be different, like who they returned, was there a coaching change, there’s all type of different factors. I’m not familiar with Penn State so I can’t tell you their situation, but I do know most of the guys on LSU and Mississippi State’s roster from their NIT team returned. If CMA is returning, and the core young players (Joe, Sills, Jones, Chaney, Embery) are all planning on returning, it will most definitely be beneficial for these guys to get more games under their belt, I don’t see how any body can argue against that. It’s common sense, you get more experience by going through something lol. Now, if you guys don’t want to watch it, simply don’t watch it, it’s pretty simple.

Most of the core players on both those teams still went through the NIT to get better, regardless if they were bought or not. Only significant difference in Miss St roster is Perry. The rest of those guys in the rotation played in the NIT last year.