Please, no more stories about the OL to FSU!

We need to have a forum specifically for those that don’t want to be Hogs - I personally wont visit - I would like to talk about kids that want to play for the Hogs. Thank you moderators


Wrote about Scott last week and once Sunday. He;s committed to FSU so that’s it.


Thanks Bayouhog, my sentiments exactly. I can’t understand why a kid is pumped up so highly by the mods when most knew he wasn’t coming here from the start.

Our bosses instruct us to report the news/sports be it good or bad.

Until today, there was still a chance he might end up here.

That will continue to be the way we operate, but you don’t have to read the stories of the ones that got away.

But we still have to write them.

By the way, he is a great young man who is going to be a success off the field. He’s very impressive.

Dudley, I never said he was a bad kid. You know as well as I do their family took a free trip to Fayetteville last weekend knowing a decision had already been made. That bothers some of us fans.

Have to say, what?? Because some are butt hurt over losing an in-stare prospect, we are not allowed to get to learn about them? This and any kid who put in the work to be a position to make choices of where they go, have earned it. I am disappointed and think both Fayetteville and the University of Arkansas are a better choice, but maybe not for him.

Think of the kids who take free trips then leave their home state to join the hogs. Only young once and only time to be wanted like that. Hey kid gave us a look. All you can ask. Never know if he might wanna transfer back just like Luke Jones did

Keith, not what I was saying at all! Believe me this old man isn’t butt hurt. My problem is why take a trip and tease when you’ve already told THE you’re coming!

He already told FSU

Good point pike! Believe me I don’t care where he goes. I have my preference (Arkansas) It’s his choice. I would just rather our board spend more time covering and promoting players who are legit. He had already decided!

Remember story on Luke Jones? Committed to us then decommitted only to transfer back home. Cover all angles as we will never know where or when a kid may come home.

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You don’t think Pittman and the staff knew where they stood with the kid before his visit? You get them on campus and give it your best shot.

Didn’t say anyone said he was a bad kid.

Just offering up my opinion on him

Dudley I’m sure he is a good smart kid, but picking FSU over Arkansas from an academic standpoint is not a bright decision.

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