Please no more Bill Walton

Bill is my age. He was a hippie who was a great player for UCLA and John Wooden. He has always been quite the character. He is funny, interesting and very quirky. I like him, not every day or every game, but he can be entertaining.

LOL I love Bill. Now with that said I totally understand why anyone would not. I get it. In this day in age where there is so much ugliness in the world I get a big kick out of Bill’s irreverence that makes me laugh. When focused, which I realize at times is fleeting, he really knows his stuff and if it wasn’t for debilitating foot injuries he would have gone down as one of the best centers to ever
play the game (he was on the college level).

My biggest problem is the split screen when he is rambling. I don’t need to see him to get the “Walton effect”.

I have mixed feelings on Walton. He seemed very complimentary of the Hogs as a team & several of the individual players. He talked about how we’d outplayed OU throughout the game but how they were still inexplicably still in it late.

However, I got tired of the unrelated stories while the game was in progress & I positviely hated the split screen showing the announcers. Totally unnecessary & very annoying. I guess that’s just what we have to put up with in these holiday tournaments.

All in all I think Bill Walton and Dickie V. have been good for college basketball. Yes they can be annoying but their passion about the game is unquestioned.

Bill is just an old hippie that likes to ramble but the fact he spent so much time with John Wooden gives him credibility with me.

One of my favorite broadcasters was Dick Enberg who ironically used to announce UCLA games when Walton played there.

I will grant that Walton is knowledgeable and interesting, but for all of that he should have his own show, not spout off during a Razorback game, and absolutely not with a split screen. Such a show could be entertaining and enlightening, but I doubt that he would be interested in such a commitment.

I am wrong once again…this 2nd day of Bill Walton was brutal. The only thing he did not talk about were acid flashbacks. He and Zonker Harris must be buddies.

The absolute worst today was when Macon hurt his ankle and they are showing the inset with Walton and the play-by-play guy having a nice little chat about something unrelated to the game, completely oblivious to the trainers tending to Macon and a guy Walton has been talking about from time to time for two days hobbling off the court.

There is no excuse for a color commentator that doesn’t provide color commentary on the game at hand. Bill should have a podcast - maybe he does - for all the rest of his ramblings.

Walton ate too much acid. WOW MAN!