Please no more Bill Walton

That guy just rambles!!

Why do they let him do that?.. Its embearessing

With 2-3 minutes to go in a tight game like this one, keep the conversation on the game and the players. No need to talk bike riding, other SEC teams or the Nike store down the street. Call the game in front of you!

About Like Dickie V!

I️ love Bill.

Enjoy the positive energy and off the wall stories for a change. I️ like it because it’s different.

He had some nice things to say about us.

Good news for you guys is you probably won’t have to hear him anymore after this tournament - unless you’re a PAC 12 fan.

Def prefer him to Dickie V.

prefer fingernail on chalkboard over dickie v.

The absolute worse! Had no idea what was happening on the floor. It was all about him. It should be about the game and the kids on the floor.

Agree Colorado. He was really obnoxious!

Unfortunately the same broadcast team. Still better than listening to Dickie V love on the Tar Heels

Unless the Hogs are winning in a blowout, I’m so on edge that I find most announcers annoying during a Hog game. When I don’t have an emotional interest in the game, I rarely find a lot of fault with the announcers.

Walton has forgotten more about basketball than most of us will ever know. He is perhaps the greatest passer at his position in basketball history. I liked that he gave Trey his props as a playmaker. I wish we had heard more of that than the side stuff, but I would have been fine with the side stuff if it weren’t Arkansas on the floor.

Why ESPN felt they needed to show the announcers in a split panel during the game is beyond me. First of rule of basketball broadcasting, SHOW THE GAME.

I was thinking that very same thing. It’s not only the incessant yakking, they have to go to split screen for extended periods so we have to look at him, too! Talking forever about a game 40 years ago that nobody cared about then because it was in November. What the bloody hell are those fools thinking? Almost makes me want to cawl Pawl and go off on Redneck Rant.

Bill Walton is funny sometimes. Some of those off the wall stories make me laugh, but most of the time it’s just really annoying and it’s taking the attention off of the game. I believe this is why they took him off the NBA games. I’ll never forget the time Greg Anthony got so mad with his off-topic stories on set and he said “What the h***, are you talking about.” Then Bill was like please don’t use that language, and they started going back and forth, it got weird, and they cut to commercial. I’ve been looking for this clip on youtube can’t find it though, I guess at the time nobody thought it was a big deal, but it was really awkward and you could tell Walton really was annoying Anthony.

Agree that Walton rambles and is annoying. He does know a heck of a lot about a lot of things in sports and otherwise, and gave Hogs and Mike a lot of props.

Not only does he ramble, but he forgets what he has said and repeats. Then he acts confused when the PBP man tells him that we’ve heard that story/comment.

No, he is not as bad as Dookie V, but he is annoying.

I’ve finally learned to just take Bill as he is and not be annoyed by it. He obviously expanded his mind a little too often following the Grateful Dead around in his youth, so his synapses fire a little more randomly than a normal brain. Sometimes it’s humorous, sometimes it’s annoying, sometimes I don’t know just what the heck it is. But, that’s just Bill. Would rather have him than Dookie V any day!

Walton is certainly interesting. I learned about bikes, volcanos and Nike yesterday. But the split screen is horrible. Let him ramble on and allow us to see the game. Most of us don’t need announcers anyway.

Bill is great. Knows the game better than 90 percent of commentators and shows love to the hogs without bias.

Agreed, when he talks about basketball.

The root of all the complaints was his recitation of the Pacific NW Tour Guide instead of paying attention to the game.

He sounded addle-brained. We actually were concerned for him -

Maybe it’s just our old ears but we replayed it several times…but…at one point he made mention of the either the best player or most popular player in Arkansas history…then to us it sounded like he said Lance Wheeler??? Hmmmm? Bob and I looked at each other and said “who is that??” Anyway, he did ramble on and on…and on…and on.