Please new coach don't come in with

with any speeches that sound anything like hammer down.

Please don’t tell us how great some areas are. Either be honest or just plead the fifth.

Please just get one qb that can throw a 5 and out or better.

Please don’t run up the middle when everyone knows your running up the middle.

Please no double reverse, flip back, preachers seat, tight end passes

Please just find some dogs for defense. They don’t have to be ranked just some mean sob’s.

Please just go to juco and find some dudes that will hit you in the mouth.

Last but not least can we get a wide out that can separate from the Mizzou DB’s.

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Hard game to watch today. Qb showed heart but a lacking skill set. Receiving corp that dropped pass after pass and continued poor tackling. Looking forward to a new coach. Hope we find the answer. Sick of losing. Missouri is terrible and there for the taking.

I don’t mind running up the middle when no one can stop it. I’m thinking of that boring time when every play was “Barry Foster up the middle. “ I’d take a return to that in a heartbeat.