Please just make the tournament. Please

We should always make the tourney.

Coach has done a great job getting most out of undersized team lacking in depth with smoke and mirrors.

Hope it’s enough to sneak us in tourney and start adding again to overall tourney appearance totals again.

I wish I could say the Hogs should be a lock to get an invite to the NCAA’s this March, but don’t believe it’s going to be an easy path for this undersized team.
This appears to be a year where the SEC may not get more than 5 teams in the tourney and now all conference coaches have the blueprint of how to defend the Hogs doesn’t make that task any easier.
First off, we aren’t getting anymore size and we aren’t getting a true point guard this season so we will continue to give up too many rebounds while at the same time not have a true distributor at the point.
My fear would be that we do no better than .500 in conference with a record of 21-10 and would need to win at least 2 games in the SEC tournament to even get consideration.
I, like you hope we make it in and finish better than .500 in conference, but like I said it won’t be easy IMO.

I personally don’t think Muss went into the season thinking they were lacking in depth and size. Otherwise he would not have signed three transfers that had to redshirt,

He thought Connor was going to be eligible

He mentioned the other night that he thought Vanover was going to be able to play.

Hopefully he will learn from this. Waiver process is so unpredictable.

BTW, I agree with you that Muss was thinking that Connor would be eligible. As another poster mentioned that Muss has said that.

Harsh. . . . .Learn from what. . . doing the best he could late in the recruiting season? Everyone likes to just gloss over that there are not a lot of options for a first year coach. Heck by this time of the year (January, not April when he was hired), even for plain ol high school seniors, all the decisions have been made about where you are going for next year. Everyone is talking about how late Pittman got in on recruits, Basketball is 4 or 5 months in the school year later than that.

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Thought it was obvious. You can’t expect waivers to be approved. They are unpredictable.

Agree he did the best he could. He did try for Brashears. Never said he didn’t. My point was he didn’t think we were going to be undersized.

The next two games will go a long way to determine if we are a sure in or a bubble team. Both games are at home . We need to win these games.

Where did you get this? Not trying to be a D; I just have never heard Coach say this.

CEM made a comment that if Connor would have been able to play the team would be much different. He also said he felt his reason for transfer was as good of a reason as others he knows of on players that got approved and are playing.

In my conversations with CEM, he “hoped” that Connor would be eligible, but always planned for him not to be.

His lack of getting another “eligible” big guy had to do with not getting Kerry Blackshear and a couple of other guys and then opting toward saving those scholarships for 2020 guys - which seems to have worked out.

First, I said “I think”. That means I am guessing. My logic is as follows.

Normally you wouldn’t sign three redshirt transfers if you thought you were not okay with the roster. You would try to get a Juco with size, even if the Juco was not an impact player. So, my thinking was he must have thought with 6-8 Chaney, 6-8 Henderson, 6-7 Cylla and 6-6 Bailey, we were going to be okay with size. That was similar to the size he had at Nevada, Remember when Cylla was signed, the talk was that a arkansas was adding size.

Then RazorAg reminded us that Muss thought Connor was going to be eligible. That further confirms my guess that Muss must have thought he was going to be okay with size and depth.

Of course it hasn’t worked out that way because whatever reason Henderson is so far at the end of the bench, I don’t know if he is even there, Cylla almost the same and Connor redshirting.

I recall Coach Muss saying he wasn’t going to add just to add. If they could find the right person, they might add. And as DD said, Coach said he “hoped” but I know Coach Muss has been around the block enough not to count on the NCAA to approve anything.

I thought you’re point was he should “learn from this”. There’s nothing to learn. He knew he needed some size. He wanted to get the right guys. He thought someone would be eligible. They weren’t. It happens. Nothing to correct here. He didn’t pass on anyone.

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