Please Hjalte

No self inflicted concussions. This game is brutal enough as it is.

Cheyenne O’Grady got pulled after a false start later and Bielema chewed him out, but there was no helmet bashing.

That’s good to know JC. As a practicing Catholic I’ve been known to mildly beat my breasts while fessin up on the sins. However, I always leave the noggin alone.

Hjalte was heard mumbling, “Darn! Det stinker! Frank nyset og jeg trak. Jeg er nødt til at slå dette ind i mit hoved. Hvor er min økse?”

LOL! Translation please?

I heard, on Twitter, an interview of Froholdt…have to admit first interview I have heard of him and my preconceived notions were blown away. There is no accent…if you didn’t know it you think his name was Jack Smith from Indianapolis.

The same is true of Morten Andersen. When I heard his Hall of Fame speech yesterday, I was impressed by his Nawlins accent (with no trace of Denmark).

TRANSLATION: “Darn! It stinks! Frank sneezed and I pulled. I have to beat this into my head. Where’s my axe?”

Gennem min skyld, gennem min skyld, gennem min mest voldsomme fejl…

Hjalte knows a bunch of languages. His English is excellent. He has a great personality.

I think Comiskey Pork might know a few, too. He talks Arkansawyer pretty well, too.