Please hire a GREAT defensive coordinator!!!



We should have saved money hiring Morris so let’s spend some real money getting a big name D coordinator. What would it look like trying to match up Venable’s with Morris. They know each other well…

Amen! I love this hire from an offensive standpoint, but I haven’t seen anything SMU is doing defensively that looks any better than the weak product we’ve been putting on the field. Let’s put some substantial money in front of a proven DC and get this right on BOTH sides of the ball.

I like Jason Rollins for UTSA

Please recruit great defensive players! There are lots of defensive coordinators who can operate in championship fashion with great players. Ask how the Houston defense looked with Ed Oliver at defensive tackle? Ask how Clemson looks with four great defensive linemen? Ask how Robb Smith was able to call defensive signals with Darius Philon, Trey Flowers, Martrell Speight and Tevin Mitchel? It’s players. Go get some.

It is indeed the Jimmies and Joes that matter in the end.
The NFL is about the right pieces in player personnel. They
have a revolving door policy on their coaches.

CBB would probably still be here if he had gotten great players. Many great defensive coordinators win with great players, but many great defensive coordinators lose without great players. So, we need a great DC, but more than that, we need to recruit, recruit, recruit.

UTSA has Rollins as a head coach/LB coach and Pete Golding as the DC. I don’t know enough about their program to know who is the most responsible for UTSA’s good defense.

exactly Clay in coaching you are only as good as your players! as the ole saying goes you can’t win the Kentucky derby with a mule!

[quote]CBB would probably still be here if he had gotten great players.

I actually think that if Ryan Pulley had not been lost for the season CBB would still be here. I like Kamron Curl and think he is going to be very good, but with Ryan we win several more games this year than we did.

I like coach Gibbs at Texas Tech as a candidate for DC. Don’t laugh because he has turned their defense around in his short time there. His defensive plan against a Texas team that had much better personnel was a thing of beauty. He makes $800k / yr which could be a problem but he is worth more considering his bio, ie what he has done.