Please help. Texas Tech and A and M sweet sixteen

And with all our b-ball history, haven’t won two in a row since ‘96 in NCAAs, and just got blown out round one.

What’s worse, I live in Austin and will have to listen about how great these programs are all week.

Come on Arkansas. Find the greatness again please!


There really are no excuses. Mike Anderson apologists will be out in full force the rest of the spring, and will try and justify why this crappy basketball continues. Someone ought to ask Nolan what he thinks about it. I’m sure he’ll probably try to spin it favorably in Mike’s direction, but even that will ring hollow. As much as I respect Nolan.

It helped Texas Tech that they got to play East Regional games as virtual home games in Dallas. They are this year’s USC in that regard. What are East games doing in Dallas and San Diego?

Nevada is going to sweet 16.

Nevada has not been there since 2004.

Our last two wins in a row: 1996.

Look at all the storied programs that missed it. Many programs better than us aren’t in sweet 16 either. Losing to teams we’ve beat.