Please God no Mike Leach

Well, I am gonna have to accept it. Bret is gone now. I screamed “why” at the computer as I watched what was a pure desperation 4th down call.

All I can say now is please God, please please please please NO MIKE LEACH.


That would be going the opposite direction. Fire a coach that loves to run the ball and is a great person.
Hire a guy that wants to only pass the ball and is a horrible person.

I will drive from Charleston to Fayetteville to protest if they hire Leach.

Lighting candles and beginning my prayer vigil now.

he has won in some tough places to win…

i saw a poll posted here or somewhere that had him as a favorite for the job… surely thats just someones guess. just dont see him coming here. surely hes down the list

still… if its him i will jump on the bandwagon
most all of us will i am sure

edit: oh yeah… i was laughing about the lighting candles and beginning vigil ! its why i wanted to respond.

CBB showed just how stupid he is by what calls were called today! He should resign and refund his buyout for being promoted to a position of total incompetence.
He gets to go into broadcasting and forget coaching!

What has he won?

Why are you daylong Leach? Has his name popped up?

Hogmaestro while I could not disagree with you more re: CBB, I do admire your loyalty and for sticking with him through thick and thin. He’s fortunate to have the support of you and others that think the same way.

Leach is a total clown. Would be a horrible hire. If all you want is offense then hire Dana Holgorsen.

Otherwise it should be Gus or Norvell.

Leach was mentioned in a national column as a favorite in Vegas for the job. I vomited shortly thereafter.

Malzahn? Longshot if you ask me. But fine.

Norvell. Meh. But ok.

Strong? Doubt offensive minded boosters will allow that. But He was my pick the last time

Leach? No class. No defense. No.

I don’t think it will be Leach or Malzahn

Leach will never be the Arkansas coach

Leach isn’t coming to Arkansas… calm yourselves.

No Leach now. No Leach ever.

If our BOT goes that far down the rung for that kind of crazy, I’m done.

Gundy might be available after today. :lol:

Could we just go after one of the coordinators at Bama or Clemson?