Please explain

Over the past Five years or so, The biggest problems with the football team has been our lack of quality and depth in linebackers, and both offensive and defensive lines. Yes, quarterback play has been lacking. But your QB will not be successful if the O line can’t block anybody to save thier lives. The defensive line has not been able to pressure the opposing QB for years. And our lack of depth at linebacker allows a mobile QB to shred our defense on an consistent basis. So why, almost every year are we signing 4-5 receivers and 2-3 TEs every class? Yes, you need to sign a few. But these numbers are ridiculous. The trenches are where games are won or lost. Until the for mentioned problems are addressed and corrected, our prospects of fielding a competitive team will continue to fail.


They signed 6 OL and 7 DL last year.

How many should they have signed?

As I said Those numbers are good. And we will need to continue numbers like that. I’m just not sure loading up on skill players in a league dominated by good to great lines is a wise move.

The numbers are where you want them to be. It’s going to take time to develop and create quality depth.

It’s actually hard to know how many are going to succumb to injury at any position. Our main problem has been the lack of quality at those positions. Just look at the recruiting rankings for linemen and linebackers lately. It’s not the numbers you sign but also the quality of those signed.

Been hearing that for about ten years know.

Hardest thing to recruit. Simple. But it’s difficult to hit on linebackers and offensive linemen.

No, the numbers were low when Bret and Pittman got here.