Please do not judge CBB until we are non-Allen

We have lost a whole lotta SEC games with the Allens; just cannot win with them.

Let’s ditch him and play for the future.

The dead horse in this is the Allen apologists that insist on mediocrity and think AA is the best thing, better than sliced bread. Duh, only he knows the plays. Only he can make changes at the LOS. Whycome? Because Kelly has NO game experience while we continue our losing ways.

To me, the offense lays down for AA. Note the Missouri 2nd half; note the VT game; note a whole lotta games.
Note the response to Cole Kelly.

Come on, Dead Horse, beat me up another SEC loss next week and the week following, and then OM.

I’ve been trying to say the same thing - but you summed it up very well. Our QB is not good, period

I really liked what I saw from Kelley, but I still think AA can be an effective QB.

The garbage we trot out at the OTs is killing us.

That last TD pass by Kelley was pretty.

I wondered how long it would take for the same poster to once again blame any one named Allen. I can’t figure out if any of the Allens stole your lunch money or bullied you. I’ve seen dislike for players but never pure hate. I pity you.

Yeah, well, give me the facts on the Allens. How many SEC games have they won, then lost? That’s not hate. That’s facts. Sorry you pity such a factual person. Stop calling names of posters. Give me facts as to why you think we can salvage our season with an Allen at the wheel. Come on. That’s a challenge, BROrodger.

You don’t need to point the finger at two QBs who have been either all SEC or lead the SEC in passing.

You need to point the finger at Bret. He is the problem. How many SEC games has he won? Oh… same as those dang allens.

I absolutely agree. We shouldn’t blame coach B, it’s AA’s fault. He just isn’t good enough to get the job done. I guess it’s not fair to put it all on the kid. The OL coach has to share in some of the responsibility for this mess. The OL is playing terrible. Now that I think about, the DL is not playing very well either. SC was missing 3 OL starters and ranked 122 in rushing offense.

We know the problem a few years ago was Chaney. Last year the problem was Rob Smith. This year it’s clearly Allen and the OL coach. Unfortunately, Bielema has no choice but to play Allen because he just doesn’t have a better option at this time. I feel bad for Bielema, he just doesn’t have the coaches or players he needs to win. We need to find out who is responsible for the all the issues this team has and blame that person. If anyone knows who is responsible for the players, coaches, development, game planning, etc, please let me know. Who is it that the responsibility for everything falls on? That’s who we need to be blaming for this mess.

I could point the finger in a lot of directions, but I find it hard to point a finger solely at 2 QB’s who happen to be brothers and took pounding after pounding and still got up & still get up for the next play regardless.
One of the best QB’s we’ve in this era was never the same after same type pounding. Tyler Wilson, but tough as nails he still gave all he had, just like the Allen brothers.

A person, any person can only endure so much.

Bielema has had plenty of time to get another quarterback ready. He just hasn’t gotten one. Austin Allen is a solid quarterback…he has no protection…our line is embarrasingly bad. Too late to not blame Bret. His 5th year is JohnLSmith-like. He is toast.

Yes it was against scrubs I’m sure but the OL looked a lot better with a QB who was on time, got the ball out and wasn’t skittish in the pocket and bolting at the first hint of pressure.

allen has very poor protection but he does not have a quick release on his ppasses and his movement is slow and our offensive line is big and slower than slow and you can not win against speed quickness and strenght or strong are the offensive line being coached that way

The facts are this. As long as there has been an Allen at QB, you have railed against them period. I am pretty sure if there was anyone better the coach would play them. I get that you don’t like them but you play your best players. I don’t personally care who plays QB but the facts are the last two years, AA has got hammered but he kept on trying. I admire people who give their best. It’s easy to throw the blame on the Allens. I, however, refuse the blame just them, I don’t have tunnel vision.

I think it’s ridiculous to lay this on the quarterback, last I checked the QB don’t recruit, develop players, or control the depth chart. I imagine that AA has came everyday for the last five years and given it 100%, it is the $4.2m a yr coaches job to figure out if that 100% is good enough or not. This my friend is all on the BTW I’m not a AA or a BA Apologist.

Have you ever had a concussion? How many concussions do you think AA has had because we have no OLINE?

AA has been hit or sacked 20 more times in the past two years than any other power 5 conference QB. Shame on BB for forgetting the most important thing in college athletics. Shame. Recruiting is the key and this ship has sailed.

We are all frustrated and it is going to get worse, trust me. Bama and Auburn. When those two games are over we could easily be on our third string qb by then. Or we could start a walk on qb like we do on the offensive line. This is the SEC boys.

The most popular player on a team that is struggling? The back-up QB.

That said, the optics surrounding AA are bad. He is out-of-sync with coaches and players. He has lost his composure and is demonstrably not in control of his emotions. And, has been at some point in every loss. He has strengths but lacks the veteran players around him to succeed.

When Kelley was on the field the team had a different mood to them, a bit more lift in their step. He had some fire and the team was responding. Hey, he hasn’t been griping about them (fellow players) openly during games!

There are “silver lining” moments to promoting Kelley. First, it is a reboot for the team. And fans. Second, it will force some simplification of things. That may be a bigger benefit than we think - from OM to the end of the season there are still a lot of winnable games, if we can just find a few things that work. Third, maybe Kelley’s skillset somehow matches up better with what our OL can do well.

I’ll take a healthy “Allen” any day. It is the unhealthy Allen, or any other player, who is allowed to stay on the field that bothers me. Just like when BA was injured for half a season a few years ago, AA was obviously not himself after his shoulder injury, yet stayed in the game. When he under threw Jones when Jones had a couple of steps on his man, I knew his arm strength was not what it should have been. He shouldn’t have played after that injury, which led to the third quarter turnovers that cost us this game. I just don’t understand why the coaches couldn’t see that. Or, if they did see it, why they didn’t act on it.