Please call

and offer Self. Kansas needs an out and so does he.
I’m am not a Self fan but he is the guy we need. It’s the only opportunity we will have. He will fill the area. Kansas could then hire Beard and everyone wins. Do it.

Why stop there? Might as well call Izzo and Coach K. Phil Jackson reportedly told someone he wants to get back into coaching as well. They’d fall in love with the logo!

I agree with this.

I don’t know what Self is paid but wish we could make a play for him.

That’s assuming Self doesn’t wind up with a show-cause in the Adidas mess. The feds have a recorded phone call between a KU assistant and an Adidas rep discussing payments to land a recruit. It wasn’t Self on the phone but the HC is responsible for what his assistants do, even if he didn’t know (and I bet he did).

According to the USA Today coaches’ salary list, Self makes $4 million. But I bet his price goes down after the show-cause.

As of Dec, 2018, Self was at $5 Million ($4.95MM). I am all in with Self too. Unless I’ve missed it, isn’t this the first instance of any potential problem with the NCAA? Is there for sure “factual evidence”? If so, hopefully his attorney will tell him to just show remorse, don’t lie, and do whatever is necessary to escape a “show cause”. … d21deb7847

Well why not go after Self. Hoping he escapes a show cause or is exconersted completely. Either way all of those (me included) fans complaining about the other cheaters & pay for play coaches will have to swallow hard and shut up.
Even if nothing happens to Self in this case the cloud will linger with him & AR will be on the list of SEC teams hiring suspected shady coaches.
At least we should get high praise from ESPN for making the move.