Please be over soon

There has been more conjecture and fantasy on this board in the last couple of weeks than should be allowed. Some kind of award could be established for fiction writing in the sports category for some of the posts with absolutely no basis in fact, yet purported to be straight from the horses mouth. May it end soon. If not, we are in deep trouble.

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yes, I have been shaking my head. How many of these experts have ever hired anyone of importance?

Relax, you can go nuts after the announcement if you don’t like the hire.

We will know soon.

Arkansas football is over.

HYs tenure should be over.

The BoT terms need to be over.

You need to take a break!

Naa, fans have a right to be upset. 3 weeks if a head start, only to further and dramatically increase our embarrassment.

I agree. Lots of people getting pissed off at people who might or might not have been involved in anything. People take rumors as gospel & go apoplectic over whatever they think is good or bad about the rumor.

After two weeks all we know for sure is that one person some people really wanted is going somewhere else. We kinda know that a couple of others are staying where they are. Otherwise, it’s all pure speculation.

FWIW, I got it from a very good source two years that Gus Malzahn was a done deal & coming to the Hill. And he was indeed an insider—and he was absolutely positive.