Pleasant Surprises

I view the recently announced move of Austin Capps to the OLine as a very pleasant surprise as the Hogs are nearing game 1 this season. In this case I view it as a surprise because I felt the move was needed to support the OLine and because I suspect this affirms the DLine has more quality depth.

But, the point of this email is I wonder if others have seen or noted any other pleasant surprises since the Spring?

I would say that Jamario Bell would qualify as a pleasant surprise, along with The Hammer Watts.

Chevin Calloway was one that I felt we needed to make a difference. Chevin has developed into a CB opposite Pulley that balances our coverage. I was worried that everyone would throw away from Pulley to a weak CB on the other side. Calloway changes that and makes this defense better.

I too think Watts is a pleasant surprise and one that may be the reason for Capps to be able to move. Jamario Bell, Michael Taylor and Gabe Richardson are all guys that never thrived until now. Foucha has changed the dynamic at Safety by being as good if not better than expected. Myles Mason is close behind. Those guys probably made it possible to move Buster Brown to CB.

Sadly, I have no Pleasant Surprises on Offense other than Brian Wallace.

The big one is D’Vonne McClure competing for a starting spot at nickel. He was a WR last year and playing baseball two years ago.

I forgot all about him and he is an amazing story. I am so happy for him. There’s another great surprise on Defense to go along with the others.

These Guys buried on the previous roster are like getting new players:
D’Vonne McClure
Armon Watts
Jamario Bell
Michael Taylor
Gabe Richardson

Newcomers that are showing out.
Myles Mason

The offensive skill guys generally have all shown ability, and the staff has not anointed anyone as being head and shoulders above the rest. Hard to get a surprise at those positions. None of the new skill position guys looks to have leapfrogged the returnees, which would have been a surprise.

The surprises on offense will probably be on the OL, whenever they finally settle on the first game depth chart. I think they’ve probably got until about the middle of next week to get it figured out. There could still be some movement with the receivers depending on how the next scrimmage goes. You have to wonder if this staff is going to have a lower tolerance for drops than the previous one.