Pleasant Grove vs Carthage

Looking forward to this game Friday. Lots of high end talent on both sides. Probably the best 2 4A teams in Texas.
I’ve been told the Arkansas coaches are coming in the helicopter… @RichardDavenport , can you confirm that?

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Thanks for the help!

Heard it’s a real possibility.

Are you going?

I will be there. I’ll give a report Friday night or Saturday.


ill be there–Carthage has won several state titles and PG is loaded this yr—will be a great game…

My apologies for the late report…

Was a great scene and a great game Friday. Had a playoff feel to it. The final score (35-14 Carthage) was very misleading. Game was way closer than that.

A few observations:

  • Crawford is a great looking prospect. He looks like an SEC OL. Very nimble for his size. I’m guessing he’d be a force on the basketball court, the way he can move. Carthage ran behind him a lot. The only other big guys in high school that I’ve seen move like him were Shawn Andrews and Jason Peters.

  • I talked for a while with Coach Surratt’s wife. As noted in Richard’s story, Jeff Traylor visited Carthage Friday morning. Traylor has a GREAT rapport and friendship with Surratt and the Carthage coaches. He spent over an hour Friday morning throwing the football with 13 year-old Jett Surratt (the future Carthage QB). I know there has been concern about Crawford possibly going elsewhere, but I can tell you there is no coach anywhere else recruiting him that has a better relationship with Surratt than Traylor. I’m optimistic that relationship will help hold on to Crawford.

  • Dixon is fast. Really fast. Fast like many of the guys we’ve played against in the SEC West in recent years. His build reminded me of Joe Adams. His speed made me think of Christian Kirk.

  • Landon Jackson is an absolute stud. He was in the Carthage backfield all night. Several TFL and at least 3 sacks that I remember. I often thought he was the best looking prospect on the field. He was playing left DE while Crawford played LT, so they weren’t head to head. Too bad… would have liked to see that matchup.

  • Philips is a physical specimen. Very raw, but lots of potential. He played DT a lot, next to Jackson. PG has a very good defensive line.

  • Enjoyed meeting and talking with both Coach Morris and Coach Traylor. The helicopter entrance was a hit. Lots of buzz around the stadium. Coach left at halftime and went to see the 2nd half of Texas High vs McKinney North. (Brandon Frazier scored on first play of game I believe.)

  • Just before halftime, Dixon caught a TD pass to tie the game. Coach Morris looked at me and said, “Looks like we’re recruiting the right guys”.

  • Easy to see why people like Chad Morris. Very personable. Very engaging. Only time will tell if he succeeds at Arkansas, but I’m sure pulling for him.


Thanks for the report. What a game with all the talent between those two teams.

great report! thx for the info, love hearing the “inside scoop” on how this staff works.

I’m also really pulling for them. actually, I REALLY like all our coaches now-FB, BB, baseball, M and W track, soccer, gymnastics, softball.