Playoff predictions

Clemson 33-16
Bama 51-33

I think you got the winners right, but I think it’ll actually be closer than that.

I agree. I think Bama-Mobilehoma will be a one-score game. Clemson-ND may be as well.

Bama 58 - 32

Clemson 45 - 35

Unless Bama turns the ball over several times I just don’t see Okie hanging in the game with their defense… Clemson will put ND back in their place (you shouldn’t be in the playoffs without playing a conference championship game) with that NFL front seven. Clemson over Bama in the Championship.

“On paper”, I agree with you and Swine - appear to be relatively close.

However, I’ve observed over the years that in Championship or playoff scenarios. the results (margins) tend to skew higher than expected. I’m just speculating here, but I attribute that to the “desperation/panic” factor that you don’t see as much in regular season games. That is to say, when a team gets behind in a game of this magnitude, they frequently seem impatient to play their regular game. The result is that they take out-of-character chances that, more often than not, backfire on them - which increases the deficit margin instead of helping them to catch up. And it can snowball in a hurry.

For that reason, I tend to think we will see double-digit margins in both games.

Oklahoma beats bama by 2 scores

I think Bama lost to Okla last time they played. Nick hasn’t forgotten that. But his team will have to fight for it this time too. Gifted QB’s like Murray give his Def fits, ala Johnny Football & Murray is so much better.
Bama - 55
Okla - 48

The Committee & Sports Casters & all others that stay infatuated with ND are going to be sad. (Again). That Def front 4 of Clemson’s just mauls everything in their path. Yawn.
Clem - 45
ND - 17

You do know one of their front four is suspended right?

I still think Clemson will win