Playmakers needed

To win and win big you gotta have playmakers. You gotta have explosive plays. We lack in that department. Some kids that we signed that we all thought would be contributors in that area get little to no clock. Why is that the situation I couldn’t tell you, but these coaches have to figure out how to get their explosive players in the rotation and contributing. They can’t help you being on the sideline.

We had more explosive plays Saturday than in the first three games combined. Explosive plays weren’t the problem. Punching it in from inside the 10 was the problem.

My point is that there are too many players that we read about are game changers and they barely see the field. Game changers allow you to be a little more creative in play calling, in which in my opinion on Saturday was terrible. If you’re not gonna redshirt these kids its time to play them. I’m not mentioning names, but its at least 3 or 4 people that was told to us that they were special, so put them in the game so we can see it.

Learning curve 1st. Just because your fast and was explosive in HS or Juco doesn’t get you automatic playing time in D-1 ball, especially the SECW. Got to know the playbook and be able to block and pick up blitzes and make certain reads, know the audibles, etc.

When I see the precision of the routes and the way Austin throws to the spots where he knows the receivers are going to be, I understand why certain players are on the field. They are the ones that can be trusted. I think most understand the precision that is demanded in the passing game. But some do not. I will tell you one thing for sure, Bret Bielema loves speed. He will get players on the field that have speed when they are consistent in routes. An inconsistent route leads to pass interceptions. Some of the times when there have been passes intercepted over the past couple of years, almost always the explanation afterwards was the receiver did not read the option route correctly. In other words, you see a defensive back or a coverage and it gives you the detail of what route is called for. The QB and the receiver must click and read it the same. The older ones do it right. The younger ones get it some. But when the younger ones get it right in practice, they will play in games. It’s that simple.

The overall problem was the number of lost-yardage rushing plays. The Aggies got away with overloading the line of scrimmage. Arkansas seldom put the football where the defense wasn’t, in those instances.

I think we can use a few more playmakers as well.

We need more speed.

Clay has great point on running precision routes.

I think we need recruit more speed as well

like who?

Maybe I’m reading too much into it but I found it telling that the first time (at least that I’ve noticed) that TJ Hammonds is in a game, it’s to play Wildcat. My thought…they think he’s really, really good and they don’t trust him to do much except take a snap and run. Pretty much the same vibe I get watching Reed return kicks and run jet sweeps…they don’t trust him to run a route or block anyone.

Thank God for the penalty. I believe that was another bad playcall. Get the kid the ball in space and let’s see what he can do. We gotta be more creative on offense.

We have playmakers and they are playing well. I’m not the least concerned about that part of our game. It’s O-Line blocking that is our problem on offense. The playmakers are doing pretty well in spite of poor blocking and pass protection. AA won’t last the season if this keeps up. He is the best at throwing under duress I have ever seen at UA. Woo Pig…