Playing other safties?

Any chance we see some other safeties start playing beside Santos?

I don’t understand how they can watch the film and not move forward with a young guy.

Agreed, his effort at times is terrible along with his play.

2nd leading tackler on the team. Chavis loves him. His teammates love him. Coaches named him one of 4 captains. He’s improved his tackling by leaps and bounds this year. I think it’s about time for the 3-year Santos bashing to come to an end. He’s earned respect this year.

I don’t know what you’re watching my friend

I’m watching Santos Ramirez play some very good football for the Razorbacks.

eesh, I’ll just leave this one alone.

That’s not what good football looks like.
That’s one of the more out there things I’ve seen on this board.

OK I’ll weigh in.

Santos plays with effort. (The only time he looks to loaf is when he knows he’s beat…its almost dejection). Santos is a leader. One of the top leaders on this team. Ask the coaches. He is a good, but not great tackler. He knows the defense, studies massive amounts of film and helps the defense in ways that aren’t obvious on TV.

All that said, Santos is slow for an SEC safety. And he is made to look pretty bad sometimes. Like today. He takes bad angles. Again…because he’s not fast. Of course, he doesn’t see the team speed we face in the Hog WR core that he practices against either.

He has made some good plays in the past. Remember his INT versus Florida on the way to an upset? There’s been more. Many more.

But we can all agree we gotta get faster at safety. Faster and better. I’ve been harping on that for almost a decade now. I had hopes for Busta. But he’s a corner now. What do I know.

It’s no way you see every one of his plays. You’re making an assumption based on a few plays you see on TV.

No, one of the more “out there” things is how a handful of posters take such joy in bashing a Razorback football player for about the last 3 years, even though he’s turned into a good leader and player for the team. He’s the teams 2nd leading tackler. He made 12 tackles in this game. Yet, all the handful of posters can ever see is a mistake or 2 or a missed tackle that he may have made. They (you) choose to ignore the 12 tackles in this game and the near 50 tackles for the season that he has made.

I don’t enjoy bashing anyone. It’s quickly called bashing when someone says that a player isn’t good enough, that’s not bashing that’s just saying something that is pretty evident.

He’s not good. 12 tackles, that’s fine he had several busted plays, horrible angles, missed tackles, like almost every game. I’m not bashing I’m stating things I’ve watched for four years. Stats do not tell the entire safety.

We have had the worst, the worst, safeties in the SEC for about 5 years now.

Kam Curl looks much better than Santos in his first year at safety. I think he is an SEC caliber player, and will fit into that down the road with experience.

Our fans are extremely prone to start liking a player, they become a fan favorite, and then become blind to the fact that they just aren’t good.

You don’t have to agree with me, that’s fine, I realize you don’t know what good safety play is because you said he gives us very good football and that told me all I needed to know.

If you want to see what actual good safety play in the SEC looks like, go watch Grant Delpit for LSU, any Alabama safety, Florida’s got a very good one as well.

I would absolutely love Santos if it wasn’t for his cockiness. He talks a lot bigger game than he plays. I wish some of our players would adopt a similar attitude, but Santos’ seems to go a little too far. Makes him try things he isn’t capable of doing.

Not naming names but I believe that we all saw terrible play from the back end of the defense. The safeties are either not fast enough or need to learn how to use angles better

When you are slower than the competition, you must know that and account for it. I think what we all saw was that an adjustment had to be made to the angle to prevent the huge chunk play, but it wasn’t made. That’s just not owning up to someone being faster than you are. Otherwise, I like Santos. I remember when we had guys like Lawrence Richardson & Batman Carroll who were track stars in high school. We need guys who have that sprinter speed and I believe we may have some on the current roster and coming in. We just need to see them develop their DB technique to a sufficient level to use that speed.

This is the bottomline truth, Santos gives the effort but just doesn’t have the speed needed in the SEC.

Well everything the OP said is true. It doesn’t matter what we’ve watched. Those facts are true.