Playing Not To Lose

is the worst possible way to coach a team. the players feed off that, it makes them tight, and the results are SO OFTEN defeat that I’ve just never understood why football coaches do this.

Last night was like watching HDN lose that Vandy game or CBB losing…every game.

4th and a foot and you PUNT? when you’re running the ball very well?!?!?

The play calling was extremely conservative. That could have been HDN or CBB, and we fired both those guys. For games just like this.

I’ve been extremely positive about CCM. But this is not the offense we were supposed to have. This is not the Clemson offense or his SMU offense. where are the jet sweeps, the reverses, the trick plays that catch the d off guard? Where’s the tempo that has D guessing and out of alignment? Remember how fun it was when Gus was calling plays (and we had Dmac, Felix and company).

I know we have a poor roster, our QB’s are really average (trying to be nice here), our OL was thin before a rash of injuries.

But we have a better roster than CSU. and had a roster with a 27-9 lead on CSU.

Coach had better find a way to install and USE his offense fast. Not for this year, we are not going anywhere and we all know it.

But Hudson Henry is watching to see how we use the tight end. After 2 games our offense says “go to Stanford, Hudson”. don’t join this boring, predictable mess.

If we keep performing like this, we are going to start losing recruits. people have to have hope, and the CSU game was the opposite of that. UGLY

And worst of all…ELMO MIGHT BE RIGHT…Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! LOL, sorry Elmo, couldn’t help myself

So let’s get to coaching, break out the actual playbook and not the CBB/HDN playbook, keep recruiting and beat UNT. And at least have an offense that someone wants to come play.