Playing in my first

handicapping contest this weekend.

The ultimate goal is to make it to Vegas for the 2023 National Horseplayers Championship.

For anyone else that likes to play the ponies and interested


Good Luck Richard, I’ll be there with you. I have played in several of the events at Horse Players. Had some top 25 finishes but have never qualified for NHC. I happen to be in Vegas this year during NHC and went over to Ballys to check it out. It was an amazing event ran really well. I stayed several hours to visit and try to pickup some advice if I were to ever qualify.

Yeah getting to Vegas is a longshot. Look forward to trying though. Ben Gibson better known as DerbyDog at Oaklawn qualified last week. He hit a 23-1 shot. If not for that he wouldn’t have qualified.

Good luck going forward.

that is incredible and good luck. I’ve thought for a long time I wanted to compete in one of those just to do it.

Go for it. I’ve been meaning to try and finally joined. The contest I entered is actually free. The others are pretty reasonable.

Good for Ben.

Is the Travers in the mix on Saturday?

Not sure. Should know today.

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