Playing Hurt at A&M

Ok. Will do. I’m better today (Tuesday)

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Fishing cures many ailments. I’m thinking about hitting our pond today myself.

Pond fishing is so cool.

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I agree. Kick back on a dock or the shore in a comfortable chair and watch that cork bob along. Nothing more relaxing!

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Yeah might be worth it bc the 1st DR thought I broke my shoulder socket but wanted the specialist to look at,well it was 3 weeks before I could see him and I worked with it during that time and it was a lifting job, so long story short u can function somewhat normally with it being torn.

I’m pretty sure I have a bruise right on the bone of my left arm right where the bicep connects. It’s sore in a small area on the bone. I have full range of motion, no pain in the joint area or really anywhere unless I tough that bruise and it’s minor pain.

I believe that’s exactly what the medic (and I think she was a physican) told me after the game after putting me through a bunch of tests. She gave me some stretches to do and said if any of them cause pain that I’m to see a specialist.

I have talked to my orthopedic guy (who specializes in shoulders) and he thinks I’m fine. He was kind of bored with the conversation and quickly wanted to move it to fly fishing. That’s what happens when your doctor friends also fly fish.

I appreciate the thoughts from Bayou and Youdaman. Ya’ll have been down this road and I know to listen.

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My doctor quickly moves on from my health to my latest RV trip. He loves hearing about our travels. I get it.

That sounds encouraging Clay… Hope it continues to get better.

I started fishing again (been hot in Florida). Casting. Only about an hour at a time. One morning last week, my right elbow was tender to the touch. I couldn’t figure out what was going on until I realized that the casting motion was a lot like pitching or tennis–elbow pain comes with that sometimes. An elbow brace has helped.

Fished for one hour Tuesday. Didn’t catch any big trout, but caught plenty. Lot of fun. I didn’t wade far into the river. Stayed near the bank and quit before I got tired. Did not want to push anything. No issues.

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