Playing Hurt at A&M

Most probably think I’m going to write something here about Bumper Pool. Indeed, he gets more credit than me. All I had to do was type.

But it was a small challenge after a fall in the press box before the game. I tripped over a wheel on the back of a chair while getting up to go to the radio booth for the pre-game roundtable. I went down and fell into the corner of a hand rail. Ouch.

I narrowly missed landing my face on the hand rail as I fell. In fact, I turned slightly to avoid doing that. The corner of the hand rail struck my arm bone just above my left bicep. It was extremely painful. I sat on the steps for a few minutes trying to figure out exactly where it all hurt the most.

Was it my shoulder, my arm or my collar bone? They all hurt. I finally decided that it was the bone in my upper left arm, just below the shoulder joint.

There was a scramble in the press box among the Aggie administrators to see if I was alright. I told them to let me go do my radio spot and then we’d talk.

When I finished my radio, I got up and turned around and in the back of the booth was a medic named Kayla wanting to check me out. I pulled my shirt up so she could look and it was decided that I had a deep bone bruise and there was nothing bad going on (like internal bleeding). I had full range of motion and power in my hand, all good signs.

They quickly had an ice pack for my arm that I kept on for about 90 minutes, until I began writing at halftime, per the usual. She also gave me some Advil for the trip back to Palestine (where I stayed Friday and Saturday night).

It has turned out exactly like she predicted. It was sore for the drive home, but not terribly bad. I have a nasty bruise there and it’s tender, but no more. I’m down to one Advil twice a day.

Dang, it sucks to be clumsy. Maybe at 66, you just have more of this sort of stuff.

David Bazzel was one who was quick to ask for a doctor to check me out. I owe him a thank you.

He did wonder aloud with a chuckle if I’d be able to fly fish this week. I said, yes, because I cast with my right hand and only use the left for line management. But I’ll say, not sure that’s going to happen. You can fall on slick rocks while fly fishing. I don’t want that right now.

Bumper Henry.


You think 66 is tough, you young whippersnapper…just wait until you get to 67!

That’s all I have to say about that…

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I’m surprised that Kayla, the Aggie medic, didn’t wrap your ankle.


I get your angle, but she knew what she was doing. I was the clumsy one.

Glad you’re on the mend. Hands of stone. Feet of Clay.

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Try 80, balance not what it used to be!

At 69 I’m so awfully clumsy too. It stinks…

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I thought it was refreshing that the Aggies cared enough for you to try to help you.

Recall the elevator issue at Auburn? Think the Tiggers would have helped you?

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I think that’s one of the things I like about this board, that I’m one of the whippersnappers at only 62. Kinda like going to Branson.


I’m glad you played with the pain. Just buckle up the chin strap & hit that type-writer, er, computer. That should earn you a letter at the end of the season. I’m not sure how deep we are at your position.

Not deep at all. There is no one we could put in to replace Clay. It is just not there or no where in sight.

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Go easy on the tailgating, Clay. Glad you didn’t smash your face. No one would believe the story.

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Thanks guys. I’m getting better. Sore, yes. But I think I can handle it. Might sneak off for an hour tomorrow to see if there are any fish in White River.

Better get it checked out, may have torn your Rotator cuff.

I’m confident the moment one is hooked the pain will disappear…at least for a few minutes.

Probably can handle a few fish. But I’ll stop after just a few. I know. Famous last words.

Clay, don’t want to sound the alarm too much but Youda may have something - I did the same thing in my office (but fell into the corner of a metal file cabinet that was against the wall), striking my upper arm below the shoulder. Didnt realize for a few days but had completely torn the rotator off the bone…I’m currently now 6 weeks post-op…

BTW, hope it’s not!

Yes when I fell getting up into my work truck about a year ago I immediately felt pain in the shoulder/upper arm area but had to work and could not get it looked
at until the next day it was then I was told I had torn my rotator cuff not a bad idea to get it checked out.