How many will we lose.

Hopefully four or five

Joe, Chaney, Desi, and who else are you “hoping” for?

Gafford, Ibby, Adrio, Gabe.

Depends on who HY hires. If he hires a big name, minimal losses. If a Mid Major flash in the pan? Could be up to five. Either way, hog2009 will be here to complain about it.

There will be some roster turnover with a new coach. Some players will transfer, others will be encouraged to look elsewhere. Most players will still be Razorbacks next year.

Players that felt they should have played more will probably hear the new coach’s ideas before they do anything. There are players on the team that are not SEC quality players. Gabe and,Adrio are not ever going to be a positive factors in the SEC. Jalen Harris must dramatically improve his shooting or he will be used only in pressing situations and as an emergency point guard.

Joe will be a star in any system. Jones will be a solid SEC guard. Sills looks like he will be a solid player. Embrey Simpson deserves a healthy year before he can be evaluated. Chaney looks like he will be a solid front court player.

Justice Hill needs a lot of help in his recruiting class. The front court needs at least 3 players who can play next year. The guards are the strength of the returning players, but you never turn down a stud.

The cupboard is not bare, but it is thin. The returning talent is better than Bielema’s football squad, but it is definitely below what most SEC teams will return. WPS