What I have seen this year in the tournament is not so much great coaching but coaches have given their players the green light and players are simply making plays

Coaching is overrated!

Yes. It is all about recruiting. In college basketball, players make the plays and coaches make the money. And guess who is discussed more on chat boards! My pet peeve.

Yeah reason why I’m starting to think they may need to pay these kids… Herro saved Calipari… Calipari didn’t know what to do

Herro was out his body when he made that shot. You can’t coach what I’ve seen that kid do this year, If you try you will just throw him off.

My exact thoughts as I watched the games last night. Down the stretch in all of them…not so much coaches calling certain plays, just players making plays. Coaches just sitting, watching and cheering

It’s all about the talent pool. Why do you think even with these legacy basketball programs their assistant coaches have turned to cheating to gain the upper hand…

Isn’t it funny how on our own chat boards, after games posters talk about who outcoached who?

For example Auburn blew out Kansas and UNC just like they blew us out nailing three pointers. Remember reading on this board of Mike getting out coached by Pearl and how Arkansas players did not give effort and cannot defend three pointers? Are Bill Self and Roy Williams guilty of the same?

As I always say, some would like us to believe that the three pointers we make are in-your-face three pointers and the ones our opponents make are wide open.


Yes. It is all about recruiting. In college basketball, players make the plays and coaches make the money. And guess who is discussed more on chat boards! My pet peeve.

[/quote]Well, we’re not supposed to critique the players (too much). That makes it hard for many to post properly on boards.


I believe the coaches are also in those guidelines. Why I’m complaining about all the ones associated with the search now. Once hired, not supposed to anymore. :smiley:

You can’t compartmentalize it like that.

Talent and coaching are both necessary.

When you see these teams performing at a high level, you can ascribe it to talent, but I guarantee you they are also well coached in practice. I agree in-game coaching is usually overrated

Arkansas players were well coach if I were a betting man I would bet that coach Anderson would have won more with Kentucky roster than Calipari would have won with Arkansas’ roster… Coaching is overrated, it matters but it’s not worth millions…Jordan would have won with or without Phil Jackson just like Lebron won in Miami with Eric what’s his name… Talent is the equalizer… Many threw hate at coach Anderson and claimed he couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag when in reality he just would lower his morals to please clowns… And it is written the little a righteous man have is better than the great revenues of the wicked…

The simple point of my post is “Coaching is overrated”

That is what I meant. It is all about recruiting and practice,

Changing defenses when what you doing doesn’t work, leaving guys in with 3 fouls, starting guys that fans think should be on the end of the bench so your rotations work better, playing a reserve who is outperforming a starter is just a few things a coach controls that are often ignored unless they don’t work. Talent gets you a long ways just like volume covers up a lot of mistakes in sales. You need both talent and coaching to be ultra successful. It’s been proven you can purchase both but is that the only way?

Coach Anderson and his assistants did a great job recruiting and coaching guards. They didn’t do such a good job with the forwards and centers, either recruiting or coaching. When you think of Monk and Allen leaving Arkansas for other programs, or Whitt and Babb (now Weiler-Babb) leaving the hogs, they were all guards and all were replaced with good guards. I’m not saying that they couldn’t have made a difference in our record or tournament opportunities, but guards were not where we have suffered the most in depth over the past eight years. Perry could have been a difference maker, but that went off the rail, legally or illegally, I don’t know. Portis and Gafford had talent that got them to an elite level. And, I think that Portis did improve while at Arkansas, but I attribute that as much to experience as to position coaching from the staff. The one exception who I thought did improve with coaching was Moses Kingsley, who arrived very raw and departed as a very good big man. I don’t know who had responsibility for his position coaching, but they did a nice job with him over his four years at Arkansas. When I look at the lists for our recruits for 2019, 20, 21 (before the ouster of Anderson), it was again guard heavy. We just really need to bring in some big men and coach them up if we are going to improve. I hope the new coach and his staff can do better in that regard.