Players & twitter

If I were a high school kid and I were to see Randy ramseys twitter page I would be very cautious about going to Arkansas.

He constantly complains about the life of a student athlete, is now bashing the food, and saying sometimes they go home hungry. We all know that is a huge stretch of the truth, the athletic center has a fantastic cafeteria.

If I was a coach I would do some damage control, and remind him he doesn’t HAVE to play, he could go home, he has to privelidge to play.
Also that high school kids are watching, and see everything he says.

Anyway, the entitlement era is in full effect. Some of these kids have it tough and come from nothing and appreciate the opportunity. Knowing RRs story I’m surprised he is so quick to bash the opportunity he has been given… twice.
I know he’s a hard worker, and hopefully will be a good player this year, but his twitter is pretty off putting.

Especially compared to a player like Michael Woods who did an interview I saw and blew me away. Truly grateful and excited about the opportunity.

What is Randy’s twitter account?

What’s more offputting to me is that you get so disturbed by a college kid’s twitter. Especially one that you don’t know personally. If it bothers you, don’t follow him. I promise you that Randy Ramsey’s opinion of the food at the school, and whether athletes should be paid is never going to in any way affect a potential recruit.

Dude bitches about everything, they have an excellent training table, get a stipend for rent equivalent to their r&b, get the $4200+ that all student athletes get, and if they qualify, they can get a Pell Grant.

I’d kick him to the curb! Spoiled and full of himself. The “I” syndrome must live in him!
Not a team player and should not be a hog!

Everybody wants everything given to them!
He better make it as a professional athlete because in the business world they might check out that social media account and learn just enough not to hire him!

If he wants to make it as a professional athlete e should be more considerate of what he is tweeting. Randy isn’t an impact player, and hasn’t been one since being on the hill. So that makes it where he needs to do everything right to get that chance in the NFL. I don’t know what they look for, but I am sure some of them wouldn’t be thrilled about his attitude. What about when he thinks he should make more than he is, will he throw the organization under the bus? Quit coming to practice?

I think of these players and think of what I’d want to tell them if they were my kid. I know the life of a student athlete isn’t perfect, it’s stressful, but comes with so many perks. It’s aggrivating to see that some don’t appreciate it. They are spoon fed so many fantastic opportunities that the general population of students do not have the luxury of.

I was 21 once, I know I did and said many things I regret. But if I was in Randy’s shoes I think that I’d be more appreciative, especially since he’s had his scholarship pulled, kicked off the team; and then given a second chance and re- earned that scholarship.