Players that might benefit

Since we don’t know about a DC yet, I will keep this to offense.

I would think that the WR’s will benefit the most. We have a nice blend of bigger body guys like Brandon Martin and Kolian Jackson to man the outside spots, and that probably includes Jordan Jones as well. And we have the smaller, quick guys like Devion Warren and Jarrod Barnes to man the slots. Nance and Cornelius, if he returns, I think add versatility to the overall group. It should also let guys like Boateng get chance to be on the field as we will have 3-4 WR’s out there most of the time.

As far as RB goes, I think the power of D Whaley and Maleek Williams will be like what Kerryon Johnson gives to Auburn. And I can only imagine the possibilities for Chase Hayden to run and catch the ball in very creative ways. We should also be happy that we will have someone that will get TJ Hammonds the ball in space and use his abilities more. I think we need a little more depth and hope we can keep Curtis committed.

With the Oline, it is my hope that we can simplify things so that guys like Merrick can see the field. It is my belief that the complicated calls, steps, and schemes kept guys like him and Brian Wallace from maximizing their skills. Maybe a fresh start will help. Plus we have the 3 freshman that redshirted and Heinrich, who this new scheme probably fits better. I thought Zach Rogers did a good job at center and with Froholdt and Jackson on the left side we can be solid there as well.

The one thing that Chadd Morris will do is make the scheme fit the guys he has. I think Jeremy Patton, CJ O’Grady and Will Gragg will benefit. Blocking was not always their strong suit. But if they can be split out and use their size and speed to create mismatches, they can really add some value in the throwing game. And then I think blocking will be better for them as they probably will not be asked to take on SEC DE’s and will instead be matched on DB’s.

Just a few thoughts

Good points. There are some exciting possibilities there.