Players said Coach Pitt lets us run our team

I was kind of shocked when I heard them say that. both players interviewed when asked about how does coach Pittman motivate you ,said that he really lets us do that,he lets us determine how we come out to practice,
That’s the only thing I’m uncertain about. he is so laid-back, can he stand up in front of the team and give them a good tongue-lashing when they need it. The players have said he is constantly telling them if they’re not doing something right in practice so I’m thinking he has it in him. I was a little bit shocked by them saying he lets them decide how they come out for practice though. Different leadership style may work out great for us

Sounds like a guy who has never been a D1 HC before.

I can promise you he gives a$$ chewings when needed. I’ve heard it straight from the mouths of 2 of his former players.

I think it was more of a jab at Morris. Morris would make the players go back into the indoor facility and run back on to the practice field if they didn’t show enough energy the first time. He micromanaged it to death. Alot of comments by players lately appear to be jabs at Morris.

I’m definitely not worried about it, I was just kind of shocked that the players said it.Might be what they mean. I did like the fact that the player said he got on to them things weren’t right in practice. He has a different personality that’s for sure. Players seem to love him that’s the main thing and they want to try extremely hard to please him.

I did not take it as a jab at the previous staff, but maybe that’s just me. And “run the team” was probably not the best choice of words, but it was said. I think the players meant they are not relying on the coaches to bring energy/effort to practice and get them motivated. And when there is a lack of that with a player or a group of guys, others are stepping in and holding them accountable before coaches are needed to step in.

Yeah Scotty the more I think about it."run the team"was definitely not the right choice of words. The players have said he is on them all the time when they mess up so that is definitely taking charge of his team,he sets the standard for practice and if it’s not being done right he lets them know about. I guess that’s one thing bad about letting players talk in interviews LOL

I took it to mean that he expects players to own their intensity. To be accountable with themselves to bring the energy and focus. I think he is coaching them the right way. He turned the music off. He wants the focus and attention on getting better ever day. He is telling the players that they have to be the ones to create that drive. The head coach can’t do it for the players. They have to do for themselves. At least, that is how I interpreted it. And what I hope is that he has some of that good HDN magic to inspire. Love him or hate him, Houston could elevate a team and pull out a win against all odds.

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I’ve seen Sam light into his position players before. I don’t doubt he can command his players’ attention.

I think he is coaching them the right way. He turned the music off. I can imagine how excited Morris might be now knowing that the Razorbacks can no longer work out listening to J. Beiber. Coach Pittman is a Mans’ coach. hands down.

Love that he turn the music off! You can’t concentrate with all that going on… I think what he’s trying to do is see what the players are capable of doing as far as leadership among each other. he will adjust if he has too, right now he’s trying to make them be accountable to each other which is a Great thing to do because they are going to be on the field with each other. The more I think about it the more I like it. I guess I’m from the old school where the coach dictates pretty much everything. But times Are A-Changin

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This new style also lets him see who really wants to be here. Who really wants to get better. If they are waiting for the coach to beg them to get going, then they may not be here next year. That is how I would be it. I have never coached a team, but I have lots of individuals. I always told them that I would want them to succeed as much as they did. Meaning that it did no good for me to want them to be the best if they only wanted to be out there for fun. When they let me know they were serious, then we really went to work.

Amen. Turn off the music and concentrate.

I’m the least qualified person there is to comment about what kind of coaching style is best, but I admit when I first read that it struck me as strange.

I think coach Pittman realizes and sees is these kids really care about him and the person he represents they do not want to see him fail, that kind of dedication can go a very long way… They are willing to to do everything he tells him to do just as the young man said, Whatever coach tells us to do, that’s what we do.Sam is trusting them to keep their word, we will see how it turns out.

I personally think the team leadership is brilliant. I also have no doubt he can lead and motivate them directly when needed. He leads like a man leading men.

What I noticed was… how many comments the players have been making about what they would do for Sam Pittman. Hell a letter from a group of former group of players and their admiration was part of the equation in getting Sam hired. How often does that happen? I would bet right now these guys would run through a wall for him. Not because they are scared but because they respect him.

A team that leads and motivates each other on the battlefield or the practice field is just what every leader wants to see. A team that waits to be motivated is at the opposite end of the spectrum.

I’m sure that when he needs to get attention in a negative way there will be not only a very high degree of listening, but more importantly motivation to want to get better and do better.

Sam may or may not be a great tactical head coach, but the one thing I’ll bet he gets right is leadership and motivation.


The best coaches for years want their players to handle some situations on the team, but they will step in when it’s important. Frank Broyles did that. He asked captains to handle certain situations. And, determine what is worn, what is done in pre-practice. The things they let players determine are usually mundane things but mean a lot to players.

Dave Van Horn said he lets the players police the locker room. He lets them know what is expected and then allows the older players to handle it. Seldom does he have to say anything.


I took it like Scottie did. Let his leaders dictate the intensity and focus. Let the coaches coach. Running the team doesn’t mean running the coaches, although probably may not have been the best choice of words from players. I’m sure no coach on that field has any issue to step in and step things up when needed, especially CSP.

Most coaches have what is called a leadership council. You bring them into your office and let them tell you things they would like to see (again the most mundane areas). As long as they don’t mess up, you say, “Yes, that’s a good idea.” But you turn them around and send them back to the weight room when they say something that really makes no sense for the goals you see as the head coach.

Most of the time we told our veteran player’s to be real close to the young ones and help them if they saw them struggling because the young kids are sometimes intimidated by the coaches, there are afraid to speak up but they will listen to their own tell them things more easily. I think this is Sam’s way of showing Trust in his veteran players,he’s seen how hard they work now he’s seeing how well they can lead.
I was momentarily thrown off by Mike woods comments about letting us run our team, but the more I thought about it I can see whats going on.
This is very much Sam Pittman’s team, they love and respect him, those two attributes can achieve things that don’t seem achievable. I’m looking forward to seeing how this season unfolds, I wouldn’t be surprised if we do much better than everybody thinks.

Ken Hamlin and Eddie Jackson told me that Nutt had a player’s council that “ran the team.” But it’s really just a way to let the players THINK they have some input. You want communication between the leaders and the head coach.

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