Player's roles to date

Season to date, what roles do you see breaking out with the Hogs?
It appears RC, AB and TB are the top three scoring threats. AB is the best point guard the UA has enjoyed since perhaps Lee Mayberry. RC is an animal. More efficient scorer than last season’s JD Notae. Can take over the game offensively. TB appears to be streakish. Appears to play better outside as a SF.
JW apparently is earning vast playing time for his defense. Has yet to develop offensively.
Mitchell brothers and Kamani for defense, rebounding and second chance points in the paint.
Devo’s role apparently is defense, mid-range jumpers and fast break points.
Haven’t seen much from the others.
What do ya’ll think?
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Council has been a go-to guy to this point. Eric said tonight that that is his role and he really became that guy on Maui. AB is kind of the second heartbeat along with Council, and he’s a fixer/do a little bit of everything player, I think. Not quite sure how else to explain it. Those two guys make the team hum.

The third scorer role is open for the taking. And it could be a different player most nights.

Agree on the Mitchell twins and Kamani front. They bring energy, toughness, rebounding, shot blocking, like physicality, and we’ve seen now that each of them can really pack a punch offensively, too, on certain nights. I’ve really enjoyed watching the twins. They have terrific feet for guys their size. Kamani, to me, is sort of controlled chaos – 15 points, 10 rebounds, 3 steals and only 1 turnover in his last 51 minutes played. That’s really ideal.

I’ve been impressed for stretches with Walsh’s defense, both on the ball and as a help defender. I think his game begins there, and he has to trust himself more on the other end.


Walsh sure plays tough D. He can score he’s just going through growing pains. PT will help him more than anything.

Walsh hasn’t adjusted fully to college yet. Give him a little time, and you will see a different ball player

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Aloha … really enjoyed our time in your adopted state … hope to run into you next time!

As for your question on roles …

I see the potential for AB, RC4 and NSJ to become the next generation of the famed Triplets (AB=Boothead, RC4=Super SId, NSJ=Marvelous Marvin) … we need a new name for the new trio, but these 3 will form the core that will decide how far this year’s Hogs will go … all 3 will likely average 35 minutes in league play after Nick is back to 100%, even more against the toughest opponents … the SEC will be a serious grind this season and Devo coming back sooner than later for spot backcourt minutes to provide the occasional breather for our core 3 (name?) will help over the long haul.

The main complementary pieces appear to be Trevon, Jordan and Makhi with Makhel and Kamani as key frontcourt reserves. As you pointed out, TB is streaky … but when he is “on”, the team does really well. I think Jordan is the best wing defender on the team and Muss has rewarded him with minutes for that while his offense catches up. If Muss can once again work his magic weaving these guys in with the stars (name?), the Razorback’s ceiling is the very top.

Lastly, I think the other 3 freshmen play only in mop up roles once SEC play begins. And J Graham is an enigma to me … I can see him not playing much at all or being named a starter by January … who knows. Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds … Coach of the Year possibilities for Muss if he can pull it off.



I agree. When Graham signed I foresaw big things from him, possibly a starter. Now, though, with the recent emergence by Makhi, he’s producing about what I expected to see from Graham. That may actually end up being better for the Hogs. Mahki, I believe has 2 more years after this year, of eligibility if he wants it, with a medical red shirt year.

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Lack of defense.

I still remember this time a year ago Trey Wade was playing next to none. Still time for the minutes to be redistributed as the season goes on. Graham still has a chance to make his mark on this team

If Graham can earn the minutes, I think he could have a 25 point game this season. But that’s a big if. Just like him offensively in this offense.

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Got four guys playing same position. Makhi, Makhel, Kamani and Jalen

1-3 are much better defenders than 4

that’s why Graham isn’t getting minutes

Interesting. I never looked at Graham as a 5. I think Graham’s competition for PT is Brazile.

Unless injuries are an issue, Smith will put up a lot of shots and points, right?

He has always been a high volume shooter and scorer and once he builds his minutes up, I would expect he will play a ton and be one of the guys they look to in order to close out games.

I would think so, yes. I answered the original question through the lens of what we’ve seen through seven games.

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Before we saw any games, I always saw Graham as a low post offensive player with good foot work and back to the basket moves with also a face up game. I thought we’d see both Graham and Brazile on the floor together, with Brazile being the stretch 4 and shot blocker. Which is exactly what’s happening now with Mahki and Brazile. And, Mahki’s offense seems to be improving each game. He’s also a much better rebounder than Graham.

It’s becoming more and more obvious that, because of defensive weaknesses, Graham’s not going to see much time on the floor. Unless, of course, he can make great strides with his defense.


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