Players redshirting this year


Can you guys get a list of baseball players redshirting this year. Thanks…

The only designated redshirts before the year were Jaxon Wiggins (medical), Nick Griffin and Jordan Huskey. They were not included on the 36-man roster.

Koty Frank is expected to get a medical redshirt due to his surgery.

If you haven’t seen a player in a game yet, I think there is a good chance he is going to redshirt. Those players would be Cal Kilgore, Isaac Webb and Josh Hyneman.

Everyone else has played, and if you play at all in baseball, you burn your redshirt unless an injury is involved.

They can dream up tons of reasons for a medical redshirt. I seem to remember a DLine player at Oklahoma got a medical redshirt for Alcoholism. I guess as a college player/student he drank a bit too much. Go figure. Who would ever expect a college person of drinking!!

Thanks Matt, I was wondering about Huskey. His mom Becca was one of my youngest daughters best friends in Benton. I didn’t want to ask her. Appreciate your quick response. My daughter and Becca grew up with Jill Goodwin.

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