Players' parents have logged many miles and memories


Richard, this is my favorite piece I’ve ever read of yours. Understand that I always enjoy your work. We’ll done. What a great glimpse of these families and young men.

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One of the best pieces I have seen posted on this board. Happy Thanksgiving to all Razorback fans and families.

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Aloha RD,
Happy Thanksgiving!! And thank you for the outstanding article!
In case you have not already done so, if possible, recommend considering providing the article to your BYU counterpart. I think they would really appreciate it.
UA…Campus of Champions!

Great article, I love knowing more about the kids and our extended Razorback family. As a graduate and lifelong fan, as much as I love the wins, I equally love stories that tell us about the people they are off the field and the contributions they make or will make outside of their sport.

On this Thanksgiving one of the many things I am thankful, being a Razorback alumnus and fan are up there with many other blessings. Happy Thanksgiving and WPS!


thanks for the memories!both my daughter and then my oldest grand daughter(her niece)played basketball throughout high school.the places we went;the friendships with other parents and teams;the camps at Fayetteville every summer are still remembered fondly…not as costly as the football parents’ were but still…great article!and i miss those days

Thank you for an outstanding article. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. God Bless. GHG!